Tue 5 Jul 2016 7:43PM

Help define OuiShare Talent taxonomy!

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Help define OuiShare Talent taxonomy!

Hey all,

After quite a lot of discussions (see previous thread) we've decided to move forward with the current OuiShare Talent website instead of developing the profile functions on the OuiShare website any further.

Here are the next steps:
- Finalize the taxonomy (the categories of skills, sectors etc. that can be selected). This is important so people will easily find what they're looking for from the site. The current taxonomy was created in a small group during the last Summit, and it can be seen here. If you have comments on what should be added there, please post them below before Friday July 15th. Based on the comments I, Francesca, Marguerite and Ana will come up with a final proposal and post it here.
- After the taxonomy is finalized, we invite all OuiShare members to create a profile to the site.
- When we have enough profiles on the site, we'll add a link to the site from OuiShare's main site and promote it through OuiShare's channels.


Maud Wed 6 Jul 2016 5:13PM

thanks @juhomakkonen for this update; maybe a deadline could be useful for the work on taxonomy ? :-)


Juho Makkonen Thu 7 Jul 2016 6:33PM

@maud1 an excellent suggestion! So let's have a deadline: if you wish to contribute to the taxonomy, please add your comments here by Friday next week (15th of July. After that we'll move forward with the site setup.


Francesca Fri 8 Jul 2016 11:44AM

@juhomakkonen we are supposed to add suggestions in the comments here, and not just add them directly in the spreadsheet, correct?


Myriam Bouré Fri 8 Jul 2016 8:32PM

Great work @juhomakkonen !
On my side I have the impression that we are missing an "domain of activity" field, for example in my case, I'm developing a specific expertise in the food system transformation, with a transversal approach, and I guess other people have more specific expertise in other sectors of activities, like tourism, or finance or...
What do you think?
I don't know if it should be in areas of expertise or another paragraph...
That's my contribution :-)


Juho Makkonen Sun 10 Jul 2016 11:52AM

@myriamboure thanks for the comment! I'd say that was the goal with the "areas of expertise" dimension, but do you think it's a different thing?


Juho Makkonen Sun 10 Jul 2016 11:53AM

@francesca yep!


Myriam Bouré Sun 10 Jul 2016 2:16PM

@juhomakkonen I guess we can add those in the areas of expertise list, but then can we do it dynamically, if we feel the area we work in is missing, can we add it? Like in my case I would love to add something like "food system transformation"


Hugo Guyader Mon 11 Jul 2016 1:46PM

Wow! Great project!
I added target:"Students" as it might be a good place for people to find internships or small thesis projects.., and "Mobility" in area of expertise.


Manuela Yamada Tue 12 Jul 2016 12:53AM

Hey guys,

great project. Congrats to all the ones involved. I would add "material speciallist" and I have a suggestion: Design is a very broad field (graphic, web, product, experience, light, etc) so I would maybe create a sub category or specify which kind of design we are talking about. :smiley:


Francesca Tue 12 Jul 2016 12:39PM

What is supposed to be the difference between "individuals" and "general public"? I find it a little odd having these two categories.


Juho Makkonen Tue 12 Jul 2016 8:40PM

@myriamboure everyone who is an admin can make dynamic additions to the filters. This begs a question: who should be admin? We can have as many admins as we want. The are at least two different options I see: 1) Every OuiShare Connector is an admin, 2) There's a smaller group of active contributors who act as admins.

@francesca I think "general public" was supposed to mean large audiences (speeches in events, etc) and "individuals" teaching individual people (life coaching, etc). But I agree that it's not super clear now, so perhaps one of them could be removed. I'm not sure such a distinction is necessary.


Juho Makkonen Sat 23 Jul 2016 1:03PM

Thanks everyone for the feedback! We'll now start working on the final proposal and post it here.