Thu 13 Jul 2017 6:16PM

Steps for App Dev (requested by Brian)

AH Adam Hoyle Public Seen by 370

Here are my steps for app dev - which was requested at a Directors meeting a while ago, and just realised I never actually shared :-/

  • Requirements
    • understand similar apps
    • define feature roadmap (what goes in this app, what in future apps)
    • begin considering promotion strategy
    • optional: define personas (who will use this app)
  • Design
    • define app structure (wireframes)
    • define app look and feel (visual design)
  • Build
    • define key technical challenges
    • POC of key technical challenges
    • create app screens / flow
    • integrate with external systems (APIs)
    • build app
  • Pre-Release
    • test app
    • finalise promotion strategy
  • Release
    • deploy app
    • promote app
  • Post Release
    • review promotion strategy
    • review downloads / interest
    • review feature roadmap