Wed 5 Jul 2017 6:04AM

Renew/confirm your membership

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Present members of this group have been part of it since the beginning, four months ago. Invitations have now been issued to those who attended the public meeting on 29th June and have expressed definite interest in creating cohousing in Nelson. This would be a good time for those original members to confirm your membership if you are still interested in the project. If not, please let me know and I will remove you from this list. Thanks.


Jutta Kanuka Wed 5 Jul 2017 7:17AM

dear sonja

you guys are doing amazing work! good on you!!!
i have moved to christchurch and might even go back to vancouver to live for a couple of years.
so at present i cannot be involved at all but i am still interested perhaps for future years to come.
i would love to hear from time to time how it is all developing!

thank you
lots of love


Debby Verdonk Wed 5 Jul 2017 8:58AM

go well lovely woman xx


Sonia Corbett Wed 5 Jul 2017 7:23AM

Hello Jutta,

I'm sorry we won't be seeing you for a while, but wish you well in Christchurch (and Vancouver).

Would you like me to take you off this list? Alternatively, you can set your own email preferences on Loomio, to receive emails only when the group is making a decision. That way you can keep in touch without being bombarded by emails!


Sonia CorbettEmail: [email protected]

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Jutta Kanuka Wed 5 Jul 2017 9:17AM

thank you sonja and debby !!!
yes I just changed my email settings...all good!
blessings to the group xx


Andrew Stephenson Wed 5 Jul 2017 11:48PM

Hi Sonia,

Congratulations on your initiative. I am not interested in being a member of the Nelson Cohousing Initiative as I am happy with our new home in Mariri. I am
happy to be taken off the list. I wish you every success with your co-housing project. Once you get to the stage of needing an architect, please keep us in mind. We would love to help.

All the very best.


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Andrew Stephenson
Registered Architect ANZIA

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M: 0274 731 683

www.bellstephenson.co.nz ( www.bellstephenson.co.nz )


Sonia Corbett Thu 6 Jul 2017 12:11AM

Thank you Andrew for your interest to date and best wishes. I have taken you off the list, but we'll think of you when we need an architect.