Sun 11 Aug 2013 11:00PM

New IRC Server for Official Moderated Chat

JP Jason Pilbin Public Seen by 5

I think before we actually decide on servers some of the rules will need to be decided on.

I will post more information about specific servers that I think would serve well after we decide on a overall demographic, hopefully with everyone else doing the same.

I will edit this Discussion later as needed.

Are we going to welcome minors to chat? That is a large concern with Mibbit where we are hosting chat now.

To be honest my largest concern is with privacy and ethics of Mibbit staff.

I have been k-lined several times and sincerely did not do anything to ask for it, nor has a reason ever been given. I think it is evident they do read private messages and violate their own terms of service agreement. There was a big to do raised in 2011 over the contextual adds but they try to say it is with the widget. We have been there a while since we started using Kiwirc but it does not stop people from joining the channel using Mibbit. This is my largest concern: When I attempt to exercise my free speech inside the channel to its limits, it ends up with me getting z-lined and I call bullshit.

I know they are reading our pm's as others have suggested this who are in no way affiliated with The Infinity Network.

This has always made me weary about others exercising their own free speech as well on certain subjects.

I recommend us moving as soon as possible because of this.


MadQueen Tue 13 Aug 2013 10:15PM

Damn, well I agree that a 18+ server would alleviate some of the issues/ concerns we are having with minors. What servers do you have in mind?


Dav0r Wed 14 Aug 2013 11:20PM

I would also be fine with moving. Privacy is privacy.