Training/education and data literacy

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At the teleconference last week (15 Sept) the topic of education/improving data literacy both among public sector and wider users.

This is a thread to talk about what you think might be needed here, who's already doing this and how they might be able to help with this aspect?

If you're on your open data journey in your organisation what educational support would take it to the next level?


Cam Findlay Mon 19 Sep 2016 10:35PM

I was interested in one of the participant's comments on "Data Carpentry" at the teleconference. For those interested, some links to look into this further.




Lillian Grace Tue 20 Sep 2016 12:55AM

I can share something we're working on re lifting data literacy in case that's helpful, with the caveats that it's not final and that this link will break when we publish the real thing: https://github.com/WikiNewZealand/temp-public/blob/master/chart-meaning.md

Our intent is to create and publish a whole range of material (simple/introductory to more complex) in this style and free for everyone to us, but we're just starting with a few to test their usefulness.


Cam Findlay Tue 20 Sep 2016 2:00AM

+1 for putting this out in public early @lilliangrace1 :smiley:


Kay Fri 30 Sep 2016 3:33AM

Some government workers would find clear forms, templates, drop down options, and good role modelling helpful. Forms should be tested with diverse group (preferred) or at minimum with diverse mindset. For example, mandatory fields should reflect all population using it. Gender questions should be broader than M or F, ethnicity should be more open than Pakeha or Maori, relationship information should recognise variation e.g. part-time fostering or parenting roles because of shared custody or whangai adoption.

Managers and supervisors should get more training and guidance on what data will be used for, how privacy can be ensured, how people can access their data and seek a correction if inaccurate or changed.