Tue 5 May 2020 4:54AM

2020 RISK JEDI ZOOM Details

AJ Aleks Jovanovic Public Seen by 27

Hi Risk Jedi's,

Here' is an updated risk Jedi zoom invitation from [email protected]



Please delete all previous invitations.



Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 7456 6830
Password: 196366


Aleks Jovanovic Tue 5 May 2020 5:00AM


If you click on the Zoom link above you should be able to upload all meetings into your Calendar! :)馃檪 Updated 20.5.2020 AJ


Dee Brooks Wed 6 May 2020 1:41AM

I absolutely love this feature, Aleks! Is there an "outlook" equivalent? If we're all moving to that, iCal isn't the best to use? (wish I didn't have to leave my ical)


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 6 May 2020 8:08AM

I'm not sure about Outlook Dee.


Michelle Dunscombe Wed 6 May 2020 12:25PM

I have sent everyone a calendar invite. Then people can choose if they put it in their calendar or not. By accepting the calendar invite you're not committing to be a every session but it's in your calendar for when you want to join.


Dee Brooks Wed 6 May 2020 9:23PM

Maybe we should find out; we'll all be on it soon...


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 6 May 2020 10:08PM

Maybe. How soon is soon?


Dee Brooks Wed 6 May 2020 11:31PM

Backend is being done now - migration will start within the next week or so...


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 20 May 2020 8:38AM

Dee, I've just updated the link above. Test this link for outlook: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/tZEqcO2tqD0iGdQ3Ob7eAbyHbk5d90fk5yFF/ics


Lisa Zulfiqar Wed 20 May 2020 9:03PM

@Aleks Jovanovic i tried the link you posted yesterday, and i got this error. Not meeting host. (3,003)


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 20 May 2020 10:21PM

Hi Lisa, sorry about that. For now It鈥檚 probably easiest if members enter the zoom details into their personal calendars. I鈥檒l keep exploring the calendar reoccurrence options.


Dee Brooks Thu 21 May 2020 12:19PM

I got the same error as Lisa... ?


Jason Emmins Wed 6 May 2020 1:54PM

Apologies I missed the zoom today- was travelling back from a quick trip to Sydney today :-( Will catch up on the harvest over the next few days :-)


Lisa Zulfiqar Wed 20 May 2020 9:04PM

Sorry I missed yesterday? Last week of Ramadan.!


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 20 May 2020 10:28PM

Happy Ramadan Lisa. No probs at all. Marg sent us your apologies. 鈥淲e wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.鈥

Khalil Gibran,聽The Prophet


Lisa Zulfiqar Thu 21 May 2020 9:14PM

Thanks Aleks.