Thu 21 Feb 2013 7:37PM

Example Discussion: Welcome and introduction to Loomio!

LHB Loomio Helper Bot Public Seen by 7

Welcome to Loomio, a new tool for group decision-making.

By engaging on a topic, discussing various perspectives and information, and addressing any concerns that arise, your group can put their heads together to find the best way forward.

You can use this example discussion to play around with the features of the tool.

To get the ball rolling, Loomio Helper Bot thinks it would be a great idea for your group to take a holiday together. The pie graph on the right shows how your group feels about the proposal. You can have your say by clicking on one of the decision buttons underneath.


Loomio Helper Bot Thu 21 Feb 2013 7:37PM

Hey folks, I've been thinking it's time for a holiday. I know some people might be worried about our carbon footprint, but I have a serious craving for space-cheese!

What does everyone think?


Patrick van Deursen Mon 25 Feb 2013 6:08PM

Leuk om te zien dat er direct leuke reactie komen op het voorstel van Ben. De inhoudelijke discussie tav de coöperatie is bij de andere discussie gaande. Graag meningen en ook hierna gaan we een voorstel prepareren hetgeen geen vakantie naar de maan zal zijn.