Thu 26 Jan 2017 1:59AM

Your involvement in OuiShare Fest Paris as a Member!

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OuiShare Fest Paris for 2017 is making big steps forward! We’re about to launch our new website describing our theme and format changes, and early bird ticket sales just opened.
And after four amazing years at the Cabaret Sauvage, we thought it was time to embark on a new adventure. We will welcome you at les Magasins Généraux in Pantin.

For more context, see the update we made in December here

How can you attend or contribute?

For your information, we have made a few changes to the Fest model this year:

  • Volunteers are becoming contributors! We’ve have decided to no longer differentiate between program contributors and volunteers, in terms of terminology. Instead, we now refer to Contributors for both, and differentiate between program contributors and event organization contributors. So don’t be surprised if you don’t find the word “volunteer” on the website, but look for the “Get involved” section.
  • Food is no longer included in standard tickets. Among other things, this will enable us to give out a much higher number of reduced price tickets.
  • We’re launching the new format of Masterclasses, which can be booked individually by participants (at an extra cost). If you already have a Masterclass you think could interest the OuiShare Fest audience, you can submit it through the call for proposals!

3 ways to get involved as an active OS member

1) Contribute to the event organization with free admission & food. If you’re interested, please fill out this form.

You were already in the team in previous years? Then apply through this form or send a direct email to Claudine at getinvolved@ouisharefest.com with your availability and your prefered activity(ies).

2) Contribute to the program by submitting a session to the Call for Proposals (if you’re accepted, you get free admission & food) Everyone, even Connectors need to submit their proposals through this form, the program team is not accepting any proposals by email.

DEADLINE: March 15th

>> Go to proposals form

3) Apply for a hacker ticket for 50 €

>> Apply for a hacker ticket

Fest team Recruitement

If you’d like to get more involved starting now, the Fest team is still looking for some people to join them:

Claudine is looking for a super responsible and fun/group coordination friendly co-leader for “Event contributor management” (former volunteer management)

If you know someone who could be interested in this position, let us know!


Program, ask @samuelroumeau
Event Organization Contributors, ask @claudinerevol1
Partnerships, ask @taoufikvallipuram1