Tue 23 Feb 2016 1:31AM

Need interns: PDC in Tauranga starts 28 May 2016

CD Catherine Dunton-McLeod Public Seen by 274

Hi Designers:

If you know of anyone who would like to earn their PDC over a year long program, we have room for a few more in the new program starting 28 May.

This will be our third year! As you can imagine, the program is continually changing and I think it is naturally getting better and better as it matures.

I'm particularly thrilled that Dan Palmer is mentoring us now!

I’ve put our general flyer up on our face book page if you care to help send it round the Facebook world. And all details are available on our web site:

By the way, I'd like three interns to help run the program. If you know anyone who’d be a great support person and would like to study permaculture but is challenged financially, please get us in touch with each other somehow. The intern details are also on our web site.

I’m sure I’ll see you on 5 March at the foodfest or at some other sustainable event in March.