Mon 15 Mar 2021 8:20PM

State of the UK Map?

GMD Gregory Marler (former Director) Public Seen by 60

The "State of the Map" Call for Participation is open and a classic talk style is "State of the[country]" but I'm not sure we've had a good UK update for a while. Usually with some stats of how much we've mapped (e.g. road miles) in comparison to known stats of how many exist. Or how much we've done in the last year. How many active mappers/edits have there been in the UK?

It could also cover the last 4 quarterly projects, what they were and how much got done.

I'd like to see the talk happen, I'm a bit rusty on obtaining stats from OSM and not always that focused in front of a computer after work. I'm very willing to collaborate with others on information-collection and/or presentation of the talk (credits greatly given of course). Or perhaps someone want to take up doing the talk themselves?

Also, if you've got a different topic to present to the OpenStreetMap community, please go ahead and propose it!