Fri 14 Jan 2022 4:21AM

How To Jedlet

DB Dee Brooks Public Seen by 36

A small group of us have recently met about developing a "how to" guide, fact sheets, information blurbs, support kits for Jeder Members working within the COVID vaccination mandate! Basically a grassroots "how to" guide!

The Jedlet will be led by Meredith, Marty and Kaeleen as harvester/gatherers and EVERYONE is welcome to share their knowledge, resources and wisdom to created these fabulous new resources!


If you cannot join, please add any resources, comments or questions in this thread and we can make sure your contributions are added!


Kaeleen Hunter Mon 14 Feb 2022 4:57AM

YES I got your feedback just now and sent an email out to the team - Martin, Meredith & Jason - hopefully get that sorted M - and yes two threads - this is the jedlet goss - the other thread is the doc goss


Michaela Kennedy Sun 13 Feb 2022 1:44AM

I'm a little confused, is there another conversation regarding these documents. I have made comments there.


Deleted account Wed 9 Feb 2022 11:28PM

Thank you for sharing the lovely feedback @Jason Emmins. I would also like to acknowledge and thank you for your work on this too! 🙌


Jason Emmins Wed 9 Feb 2022 6:40AM

Feedback from Risk Jedi-

@Meredith Baylis @Kaeleen Hunter @Martin Byrne @Renee Davies @Dee Brooks on behalf of the members on the Risk Jedi, we would like to thank you for developing the resources. Some initial feedback already is that some members have onforwarded these resources (particularly the Independent Support Workers Resource) and have some positive feedback- they are practical, to the point and comprehensive- all important points are covered with links to additional resources/information. Well done and thanks from the Risk Jedi.


Deleted account Thu 3 Feb 2022 6:44AM

Great work @Martin Byrne, thank you for all the time & energy you have put into this! 🙂


Deleted account Tue 1 Feb 2022 9:08PM

Final draught independent support worker information


Bernadette Melder Sun 23 Jan 2022 10:32PM

Much appreciated, thank you for this work


Jason Emmins Fri 21 Jan 2022 10:32PM

Thanks @Meredith Baylis @Martin Byrne @Kaeleen Hunter and @Dee Brooks for hosting this space and developing/consolidating the resources/information so quick.

Be great to have some feedback before we start to post this on our website, social media etc.


Deleted account Tue 18 Jan 2022 5:45AM

Great work on this @Martin Byrne - thank you so much! :)

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