Fri 4 Mar 2016 7:42AM

Programme tracks

PM Peter Munthe-Kaas Public Seen by 256

I just had the idea (inspired by looking at the integral centers homepage) that maybe a good way of organizing the program would be in "body", "mind", "spirit" and "community" categories. Im not sure if it makes sense, but I just imagined that it would look nice in a color coded program :)


Andreas Wolf Sun 6 Mar 2016 7:12PM

Hmm, I think the categories are definitely helpful right now for us to structure things and balance the programme well!

on the other hand they are of course also boxes with too hard boundaries, which don't really live up to the richness of the different practices... at least I sense some inner resistance with some of the choices you made in your programme proposal... so I guess we need a deeper dialog e.g. before using those categories on the print programme.

A more fine approach could be to use e.g. a shade of two colours. (e.g. Body&Mind for the Other Life Project)


Peter Munthe-Kaas Sun 6 Mar 2016 8:30PM

yeah. I agree that the categories feel too confining as well.