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Open Credit Network & Mutual Credit

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A place to discuss OCN https://opencredit.network/ and other related mutual credit and currency projects


Simon Grant Wed 16 Oct 2019 10:01AM

I'd like to reply to this but want to make sure we get it on an appropriate thread. Please advise!


Oli SB Sat 5 Oct 2019 11:46PM

forked from another thread

Hi all... It's been a while coming ... but we finally have something to show... and I'd be really interested in feedback from as many people as possible in the OAE group... YOU (UK based folks for now) are our target market!

We’ve been trying to explain our mutual credit idea a bit better...
And now have a new video and FAQ etc

Please can you tell me what you think of this website: https://opencredit.network/
If you get the concept?
If you think the website, or the communication, could be better in any way?


Oli SB Sun 29 Dec 2019 12:34PM

The latest news from OCN is that we have recently launched our Alpha software, which will be released as open source code very soon, making it easy for any other group anywhere in the world to set up their own mutual credit system. It's mainly written in Go with a postgres and mongo db and easy to follow installation notes using docker etc...

We're now working on an API to make it easy for others to plug in their services to OCN...

If anyone would like to join please go ahead (UK businesses only on OCN atm please) - and let us know if you have any feedback at all?

If anyone would like to look at / advise / help with / test the API - please let us know..?

And if anyone is interested in setting up their own version of OCN in their community please shout!?

If we can change the money system we can change EVERYTHING!... (Maybe... ;)

2020 might just be the year we start to tackle the current monopoly on credit creation ... https://economicrebellion.org/


mike_hales Wed 16 Oct 2019 5:54PM

I think that to fork this, another thread needs to be created (or identified). Then there’s a command in the contextual menu for any comment. Anmyone want to create a thread (or volunteer an appropriate location)?


Lynn Foster Sun 29 Dec 2019 1:42PM

Hearty congratulations to OCN! 🌱

>If anyone would like to look at / advise / help with / test the API - please let us know..?

@Oli SB If you are interested in seeing if you can use ValueFlows partially or fully for your API, and/or contribute anything missing to it, let me know, I'd love to explore that with you. Just another step in trying to make all our efforts interoperable. 🙂


Josh Fairhead Sun 29 Dec 2019 2:26PM

+1 for value flows as a sharable vocabulary


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Mon 30 Dec 2019 3:21AM

I like your governance.


How is this going to compete with the mutual credit they are building on Holo? Or to rephrase, how are you preparing knowing about Holo?


Oli SB Sun 29 Dec 2019 12:24PM

Hi Simon, this thread now has an appropriate home so please feel free to reply ;)


Oli SB Tue 7 Jan 2020 4:45PM

Hi Tib, thanks, we have been working hard on governance as this seems KEY!

We're chatting with Holo... our plans are to use the (initially centralized) software we have built to grow a community of interested and active businesses... without which there is no way this can work. If we can manage that then we can have plans for 'federation' - and it would be great if Holo was able to offer us a simple and effective method of doing that... TBC


Vincenzo Giorgino Mon 30 Dec 2019 11:58AM

Hi Oli, thank your for your invitation.

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