Mon 6 Jan 2020 8:03AM

Potential Greek housing co-op - anyone know about greek coop stuff?

Hi folks, an ex-housemate of mine has found land on Lesvos and has access to cash and wants to set up a small housing co-op there. I'm wondering whether Greek co-op law is conducive to housing co-ops, whether anyone knows any Greek co-operators who can advise or whether anyone has experience of registering a business in one country and then owning property and running that business in another country. ta


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Wed 8 Jan 2020 5:22PM

Doesn't look like there is a housing co-op specific federal https://www.housinginternational.coop/housing-co-operatives-worldwide/. Worth checking in with Kapa Network https://coopseurope.coop/about-us/our-members


Gareth Thu 9 Jan 2020 9:17AM

Cath, you could try Lucas Mprechas of the Kapa Network - [email protected]

I last spoke to him in 2018, but if he's still involved he'll be able to offer some guidance.


Thanks folks - i found kapa & lucas when i googled, but couldn't find any contact info or website, so this is brilliant :-) I've no idea how i didn't find the members of co-ops europe page, i had 3 other co-ops europe pages open, lol.