Accountability and Transparency call - Set-up, Structure

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I sent this to the email list a week ago; no replies. It seems folks check loomio more often, so am posting here and in facebook planning group, and will send the ng3 call facilitators list an email also.

If we have no "plan" for this call, it will fail, imo. Although I'm not taking an active part, I wanted to be sure the group was working on it. What is the expected or hoped for outcome(s)?

I'd like to know who will be running the board and facilitating this call.  

I suggest someone from outside the group facilitate. If it is someone who has never taken maestro, I think.there is a maestro training the night before the call.  http://interoccupy.net/getinvolved/maestrotraining/

I will not be TAing - I would like to be able to be a full participant. 

More importantly, how will this call be structured?

Someone mentioned everyone in the group listing their A&T issues.  If this is done during call time, it will eat up a lot of time.  Suggest folks set up an agenda by topics or questions that need answering.

How do we insure that everyone's voice gets heard?  Hitting direct response and waiting 25-30 minutes (or more sometimes) to respond to something said long ago doesn't work for me.  The convo expands and expands and never reaches definitive focus on one issue.

I have an idea for consideration - not sure how well it would work:
At the top of the call, we break out into random groups of 3 and those 3 people list what it is they want to bring up for the call, as well as any solutions sought or suggested. 10-20 mins.
Then come back to main room and each group lists what they have.  Proceed from there with those items.

I have no opposition, and in fact would prefer, to going through each item, line by line - staying focused until there is clarity.


NikiV Sat 6 Sep 2014 1:00PM

I hope this works!

Jackie, you always impress me with your "on top of it" beingness! I will make every effort to do the training on Tuesday, the universe seems to conspire against me when I try, but try try again.

I would suggest we take this call with everyone using 5 to 10 minutes to air their concerns about transparency and accountability ... WITHOUT responding or addressing to anything anyone may give voice to on the call. then we should let us go and think about it for a week our two, consider how we can address them, take the conversation to our own GAs, core of occupiers, friends, discussions on Loomio, etc., to find the answers to the concerns and issues if we can find them.

this issue is one that needs to be addressed on the ground as well as within this group.

others who are interested but may not be participating on the call can listen to the airing out of the concerns if they want and contribute solutions to the problems and challenges raised on the call. then we can have a solutions call with time away from the emotional moments the airing may raise individually.

not needing to respond to others yet voice personal concerns eliminates the anticipation of confrontation allowing for, theoretically, candid thoughts and not reactionary exacerbation of misunderstandings of intention of personal motivations. not trying to "solve" it on the call allows freedom of deep listening and a listening to the collective voice as well as the individual ones.

so often, its logistics, not much more. I think if we take the time to do this, occupy as a movement will benefit from our work

thanks again.


oswgwhe Sat 6 Sep 2014 4:39PM

Can we be accountable and transparent regarding our "nonviolent revolutionary" potential. Some think there is no true revolutionary potential, instead we can evolve or that many "horizontally" placed initiatives will correct a vertical arrangement. I think the rest of the world beyond our well nourished existence, expects a new definition of "true" nonviolent revolution. not our continuing cloudy idea of how our group can be changeworthy, or that we're evolving toward a goal, in a better way, than through a nonviolent revolution. I'm referring to the possible error of thinking that evolution is more effective than revolution. We treat evolution as though it can support just about any idea that supports those who are well fed. And we don't look at the possibility of a "true" nonviolent revolution. A "true" nonviolent world revolution would be a new international plan to distribute food equally.

So far, I think our idea of accountability and transparency s they have developed so far, is geared to make us feel good about group, and our "well fed" idea of how world change happens. I don't think our ideas are practical and applicable to the actual "starving" conditions on the ground.

We can become transparent by deciding on a few guiding principles. It will require not having endless horizontal ideas. Instead agreeing on a few basic principles of governance and science. We can then show the world how clearly we can think. Then the world can think of us as being actually enlightened nonviolent revolutionaries. Now the popular impression is that we are either undesirable revolutionaries not well connected with the labor movement, or as people hoping for evolutionary progress, where what is considered "evolution" may be way more vague than a scientifically and historically based idea of revolution

Let's be accountable to a true revolutionary plan, that doesn't merely continue our elite status as being those who can eat more than anyone else. Then we'd become a world-wide revolutionary/evolutionary "presence", which can function in a leadership capacity.

As we're looking for a functioning working structure that would provide "world-wide" leadership, let's form some support committees to handle absolutely vital requirements. We can use Loomio to hammer out the hard differences of opinion that we'll have to deal with.


Occupy Our Homes FL Sun 7 Sep 2014 1:07AM

I don't understand when the call is (maybe because I've never been on it before), but I would like to participate if I am welcome? What are the details? (and for transparency sake, this is Shakti talking...) I agree with both of you. Just having a conversation on the call and then taking the conversation down to in-person levels--back to our own occupies and connections, howeverhowever disbanded and disgruntled they may be, is the way to go.


Occupy Our Homes FL Sun 7 Sep 2014 1:24AM

When is the call and the details?


Jackie Sun 7 Sep 2014 6:56PM

it's on the natgat calendar http://interoccupy.net/natgat2014/calendar/

Wed. 3:30 PM PT/6:30 PM ET

Details - not sure - this was supposed to be about accountability and transparency within the NatGat planning group, but seems like it is going into larger occupy-wide A&T?

too confusing - can someone please make an agenda?
there's only so much that can be accomplished on one 2 hr. call.