Mon 17 Dec 2018 11:18PM

Internet Party Policy Committee - Call for expressions of interest

DG Daymond Goulder-Horobin Public Seen by 61

Hi everyone.

I am keen to get some people on board for our policy committee in terms of developing the policy manifesto that we will run in 2020.

The Policy Committee is laid out in the Constitution as follows:

13.1 There shall be a committee appointed by the Executive Committee called the Policy
13.2 The Policy Committee will be responsible for facilitating the development and ratifying the
policy of the Internet Party in accordance with its objectives and these rules.
13.3 The Policy Committee members shall be comprised of:
13.3.1 The Party President; and
13.3.2 The Party Leader; and
13.3.3 No less than 5 but no more than 10 willing Full members as the Executive Committee
in its absolute discretion sees fit to appoint; and
13.3.4 Any independent advisors as the Policy Committee sees fit.
13.4 In determining the membership of the Policy Committee, the Executive Committee shall
actively maintain and promote economic, cultural, social, ethnic, age and gender equality as far as
13.5 The Policy Committee members will appoint a chairperson from among its ranks by majority
vote and shall meet at its discretion but not less than once every calendar year.
13.6 The Policy Committee shall determine such rules for its administration and conduct as it sees
fit, consistent with the objectives of the Party and these rules.
13.7 The Executive Committee is empowered to remunerate Policy Committee members.

13.8 The Policy Committee is responsible for developing the Internet Party’s manifesto, prior to
each general election.
13.9 Once completed, the manifesto shall be confirmed by the Executive Committee before being
publically distributed digitally.
13.10 Having regard to the objectives of the Party, the Policy Committee may involve members and
independent advisors in the development of the manifesto to the extent it considers necessary.

At this stage I am looking for any expressions of interest in helping out with the policy development as we are short on a few members.

Policy Development in the Internet Party is generally done through critical analysis of all available evidence on a given subject and where evidence is not observable, then theorycrafting is used to determine best practice. I will infer that this does not mean labelling evidence that goes against our current beliefs as "Fake News" or any buzzwords that exist but rather determining how conclusions are reached and whether they were reached with honest intent. It is a quite a bit of work but the more effort put in then the more powerful our manifesto would become.

If you are interested, please list down in this thread and specify what areas of policy you are most interested in as well as any qualifications and/or experience you have in those areas. Ideally I would like a good general body in the main committee, and then we would have specific independant advisors on key topics we are developing.

We would meet roughly at least 1-2 times a month, and maybe weekly during the election year. The committee would determine when during the week to meet of course, traditionally we have used Discord and Zoom for meetings but the committee can determine whether it would prefer a more secure tool for meetings if we choose.

Have fun.
-Daymond Goulder-Horobin


Geoff Anderson Tue 18 Dec 2018 6:46AM

For the last month I have participated in offering opinions and a few ideas within the policy incubator.
To receive an invite to the policy committee after such a shot interval meets with some surprise(?)
I’m not even a full paying member.
…That can be easily solved; but I have some rhetorical questions.
I know why I am here; “its about a good feeling I get through solving puzzles” & by being inspired by watching Suzi Dawson. I’m not a political person at all.

Working on parts of a manifesto, sounds like an offer, I can’t refuse- (Yes interested) but being honest between us; I don’t even know, what the internet party’s politics are…
I would be working/ donating my time for New Zealand’s best interests as I see them? Or ‘Other politics’?

Who am I(?); guess (for this) you would call me an inventor.
I collect ideas and try to solve problems with them.
My output solutions include mechanical products, business designs & best practice protocols… & some science theory.
My solutions are often politely referred to as “being alternative”.
I don’t see the Internet Party as being alternative, but rather a tool for greater democracy.
A tool for forming informed consent and polling views. (There is a need for it right now)
I would like to see the internet party have a massive online presence. Webcasts discussing issues, political news, offered solutions where the populism feel a measure of control.. (Even a place to donate…)
A place where people go to get informed and involved.

Does the Internet Party have a clear vision of what it wants to be?
Does it aspire to be just a techno connected political party? A little Right a little Left, a bit door mat?
Or can it do a few things differently and become something else again? A new model that others look up to?
Could my type of crazy, co exist with parts of the Internet Party’s manifesto?

Should I tender my application…?
Warmly to all


Daymond Goulder-Horobin Tue 18 Dec 2018 7:54AM

We do have a website ya know :slight_smile:

At the moment we are getting an idea of interest so we can rebuild our infrastructure. I believe you have to be a full member to be eligible for the committee itself.

This is a New Zealand Party. Have you been on our discord or attended our AGMs?


Geoff Anderson Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:20AM

Don’t I look foolish?
Sorry I do recognize that site, but it made so little impression that it winked from memory. Maybe it was the cobwebs?
Is it politically incorrect for me to point out; the site is deader than the Monty Python parrot.
Maybe I’m pushing a bit far but; the Internet Party needs an active site.
Something that says “Alive” not “Pining for the fiords”.

As to AGMs and discords; No. When I have an image of political; the image is not of me.
I followed some Suzi Dawson videos into the Incubator and stayed for some problem solving.
Inspiring person.
Do I have to be political to be a problem solver? & I got an invite..LOL. I’m teasing & its not a problem.

Back to the internet party’s site. Where are the little dancing Weka’s protesting 1080 and the Kea’s in little body bag rows. The NZ Kiwi spending her rent money on a loot bag for the king kong challenge? Stoned possums on a universal benefit claiming they had their cancer cured.
OK maybe bad humor; but an internet party, whose web site hasn’t been updated for..?

Democracy originally required representatives of the people, to go from their home locations to a central governing body and present the needs.
A world where ones choice & needs can be conveyed with a click, has no need of such political representation. Politicians and the way things are done are a by product, an evolution of economic and social need.
A ‘part’ made redundant by this instant communication and logistics revolution.
Politics is a type of business with business models and social influence. The rules are changing…
I predict that the nature of all political parties will change more radically than most expect.
I expect them to turn into types of sophisticated media companies. A war for control of perceptions of reality.
They will still wave the same flags. But what they will be underneath…?

I know some history of the Internet party, I know its been in a biff up and is currently rebuilding.
What I’m saying is that the manifesto that you create now is far more crucial than just having a voice in 2020.
The brand image of the site has to inspire people into believing that their contributions matter.
Where you position yourselves now will determine a lot of what you become in the future.

Questions about 1080 or loot bags or the UBI are details of policy; I found them interesting, I think most New Zealanders would find them interesting.
AI software like Alexia, Seri and others can listen to and engage millions of people in basic discussion.
In 5 years or less we should probably expect the ability to poll a county’s opinion on anything.
We might predict that software will sort, count and index replies, sift for new ideas, discard the noise? And reply coherently with the Internet Party’s position. (All controlled by algorithms)

If this happens the whole nature of a political party will change, will have to, a corporate version & a peoples version? I would prefer a peoples version. We would have to battle for it…
I’m not blind to the battles that have already taken place. Are taking place… Just seen a dead site, dressed in purple and nailed to a perch.