Thu 14 Mar 2013 10:36AM

Council Meeting #5 2013-03-14 15:00 UTC

RJ Raphaël Jadot Public Seen by 267

Attendees and duration

Meeting started at 15:04 UTC and ended at 16:26 UTC

Attended the meeting

  • Raphaël Jadot
  • Matthew Dawkins
  • Bernhard Rosenkräzen
  • Jean-Claude Vanier
  • Wayne Sallee
  • João Patrício
  • Alexander Khryukin

Did not attend the meeting

  • Leonardo Melo
  • Vladimir Sharshov
  • Bernhard Rozenkränzen
  • Andrey Brondov
  • Charles Schulz
  • Per Øyvind Karlsen
  • Anurag Bhandari
  • Vladimir Rubanov

Represented by deputy

  • Kate Lebedeff (represented by Raphaël Jadot)

Quorum of half+1 (9) not reached. No decisions can be taken

Agenda and decisions

State of bank account creation

What we need, when we do it etc.
Status : President has to send documents to Treasurer, will be done during the week.

Communication team

Proposition to give full power to João for organization and coordination as he's doing an amazing job (from my point of view, shared by Kate :)
Status: Postponed to next meeting.

Creation of Design team

Including people who made a logo proposal.
Status: Postponed to next meeting

Validation of the member acceptation process

Officialisation of membership committee, give the committee full admin power on membership related tools (mail address, mailing lists etc)
Status: Postponed to next meeting with the proposal to give Wayne the role of creating, organizing and coordinating the team.

Proposals of discussions/decisions etc for next week meeting.


Proposal of using Chwido (Bero's little dog) as a Mascot (like Konqui is for KDE, it's not a logo)

Next meeting :

We can use the next meeting loomio page until 3 days before (2013-03-19 t5:00 UTC) for adding new decision : https://www.loomio.org/discussions/2602

People participating to this loomio page or present and participating to the meeting, or giving their power will be considered as attending the meeting.


Anurag Bhandari Thu 14 Mar 2013 10:56AM

I have no problem to attend it today.


Kate Lebedeff Thu 14 Mar 2013 12:10PM

Thank you Raphael for creating this. Looks good - and hopefully would indeed run simple:) I will not be able to attend, as emailed to you, please vote or say on my behalf when needed.


Anurag Bhandari Thu 14 Mar 2013 4:14PM

I'm sorry I completely missed this. I'll rely on the logs to know what decisions were taken.


jclvanier Thu 14 Mar 2013 4:26PM

Sure !
All the proposals where adopted + Chwido as a mascot :)


Kate Lebedeff Fri 15 Mar 2013 3:50PM

I just love decision about Chwido:) That's how media stars are born!:)