Wed 15 Jun 2022 1:23PM

How do we track and measure quality in our work

JE Jason Emmins Public Seen by 46

Today at the Risk Jedi, we discussed the topic of how do we track and monitor quality in our work.

We discussed some things we do know, including:

  • Echidna Audit (for the NDIS members)- tracks quantitative and some qualitative data (i.e. if Service Agreements are there, if the dates are correct etc).

  • Identifying "red flags" when a member may not be meeting their membership requirements (i.e. attendance at Jedi's, training etc).

  • We have a complaints system that can track bad/poor quality (i.e. if people complain about a particular member, this may indicate poor quality or other things).

  • Members can reach out to one another informally to talk about work practices.

  • We have the reflective practice Jedlet that can be used to review quality (or help with reflection on a particular issue/concern).

  • We have members moments that can (not always) capture discussion on quality work.

  • We have some discussions at team/local meetings regarding quality but potentially not a consistent approach.

    We are interested to hear from you about how you would capture, measure, track or define what is quality work within Jeder (in both the written form such as report writing but also relational quality)? Lets get talking.....................


Michelle Dunscombe Thu 16 Jun 2022 2:38AM

I certainly think workshop/training feedback forms could be useful to capture and provide a couple of measurement matrixes. I also think the NDIS participant survey could provide a useful measurement and we could share the measures over the years that it has been used - has it changed? how's it tracking etc? I'm sure @Beth Stockton would have lots of suggestions.


Fiona Miller Thu 16 Jun 2022 11:38AM

What Michelle Said....Aligning againt Strat Plan, KISS, Harvesting and Storytelling I'm sure there is plenty, I shall think. Call me...


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 11:16PM

Thanks Fiona- just to clarify- KISS- are you referring to Keep It Simple Stupid?


Lynn Lennon Fri 17 Jun 2022 5:18AM

The Coaching Framework that we use for new members has tasks associated with checking quality of reports, file notes, etc. The potential 360 degree view of work each 6 months will also give better clarity of the quality of our work based on feedback from third parties and external agencies (when/if it's introduced).


Michaela Kennedy Sun 19 Jun 2022 12:34AM

I would love to see how we can collate and track over time the information that we do collect. i.e. audits, member moments, member check in, participant survey, training feedback, quality of life measures. I think we collect a lot, I think we need to find better ways of tracking, making meaning and acting on feedback. With the Coaching framework and member moments, I think it is imperative that these are conducted by coaches who know the work of the member. We need some more agreement to define what is quality work of reports and documentation so we are all on the same page when supporting members to develop quality work.

What I am curious about is how do we measure the relational quality, members, customers and participants - how people feel about being supported by Jeder Institute. Is this about the questions we ask, the measurement, like a likert scale perception? Some of this we do.


Natalie Menyweather Tue 28 Jun 2022 11:33AM

Is there somewhere where it is specifically defined what 'quality' work is? Could we get additional input into this?

My thoughts are quality work is a mix within a specific role of head (knowledge, ethics, logic), heart (person centered connection, practitioner self care, empathy, human centered) and hand (doing, action, following through). If it is clearly defined what Jeder considers quality work in each area of practice it can then be measured. I am keen to create some practical and realistic examples of what quality work looks like, and would love to include this in the participant/client survey for their input.


Dee Brooks Wed 29 Jun 2022 12:56AM

Hey Natalie,

We use the gifts of head, hand, heart in our ABCD work and have extended it to include heel and human connection!

I wonder if these could possibly be the responsibility of a Jedi to monitor/measure? For example:

  • Head - Governance Jedi

  • Hand - Docs Jedi

  • Heart - Creative Jedi

  • Heel - Well-being Jedi

  • Human Connection - Culture Jedi


Lisa Zulfiqar Thu 30 Jun 2022 12:39AM

Dee really love these connections


Dee Brooks Wed 29 Jun 2022 12:53AM

What they all said, and...

Loomio polls get some good results - simple, one-off questions!

It's how I got the percentage of how much "fun" Jeder is for the student handbook and people respond much easier and more willingly than a thread!

There are also 3 simple (not simple) questions from RBA that could be responded to in every team meeting on a monthly or quarterly basis - they are:

  1. how much did we do?

  2. how well did we do it?

  3. is anyone better off

You get both qualitative and quantitative data from these and it includes stories that can be captured for newsletters/media!


Aleks Jovanovic Thu 14 Jul 2022 4:10AM

Thanks, Jason. Considering my experience with Jeder and the abovementioned 'ways'. I believe we systemically and naturally reflect and keep track of our work better than anywhere else I've worked. I agree with keeping things simple, identifying what quality is and reasoning for why we do everything that we do?