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3/7/18: #RE2020: What role will platform coops play in the future of real estate?

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Eager to hear Nathan Schneider, the guest speaker at Harvard Law School this Wednesday, March 7th:


Don't know whether he'll touch on it, but my hope is that platform coops (http://Platform.coop) & the Internet of Ownership (https://ioo.coop) will play a role in the future of residential real estate. In fact, Sheila Dillon, head of Boston's Neighborhood Development, closed the Boston Housing Report Card last December with a call to create "1,000's of housing co-ops."


Would anyone in this group like to explore that potential? If so, we hope to develop this Idea Starter via a series of hackathons in 2018:

EXCERPT: "Can we create intergenerational #HousingID's to translate personal data into housing preferences? This would allow developers to quantify demand and cocreate intentional, intergenerational housing.

Our answer is an enthusiastic "yes"; and we're eager to partner with a wide range of collaborators and trusted data partners to give would be neighbors -- whether seniors or Millennials -- the ability to share their housing preferences and self-select communities of shared interest."


Want to talk about it before or after Nathan's presentation? If so, join #BosRETech for our next #RETech debriefing, Tuesday, 3/6/18:


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