Tue 5 Apr 2016 4:55AM

Attachments & screenreaders – 2 queries

MB Matthew Bartlett Public Seen by 363

Hi Accessibility community :)

A Loomio user has messaged me thusly:

> I’m not sure how to attach items to a posting. If you could email me a keystroke list of what’s where and some actions, that’ll be great.

Can anyone help me help them?

They've also noted:

> Loomio’s quite accessible but I tend to enter my notes in the incorrect edit fields at times.

I'm wondering if there are improvements we could make to Loomio that might help with that sort of thing?

Thanks in advance,


Richard D. Bartlett Sun 10 Apr 2016 9:22PM

@davidbest would it be common practice to have a documented list of keystrokes for common actions like attaching a file to a comment?


Richard D. Bartlett Sun 10 Apr 2016 9:34PM

I just had a quick try with OSX Voiceover (command + F5) and discovered a few things that are confusing to my ears:

  • the "add a comment" region is read out as "A. D. D. a comment" because it is written in all caps on the screen
  • the placeholder for the add comment field says "Say something..." which is ambiguous and not particularly helpful
  • after attaching a file, the comment field loses focus
  • there's no flash message to confirm that the file upload is complete

I wonder if an easy fix would be to return focus to the comment field after file upload completes? Or even just after it starts? @jameskiesel @hannahsalmon @robertguthrie can you advise?

Regarding the original question @matthewbartlett, I'm no expert but I think this might help:

  • navigate to the "Add a comment" region
  • when you're in the text edit field, you tab once to get to the "Post" button, and tab again to get to the "Attach a file" button
  • selecting the "Attach a file" button will open your system file browser
  • once you've chosen a file, it will upload as a comment attachment
  • unfortunately there is no feedback to tell you the upload is complete
  • also your keyboard focus will have returned to the top of the page, so you'll have to navigate back to the "Post" button in the "Add a comment" region to post the comment.

Does that sound about right @davidbest?


David Best Mon 11 Apr 2016 1:21PM

Mathew, there are accessibility improvements, but the user's issue is not clear. To upload a file you need to click on the Browse button, and Edit fields should have appropriate text labels. I can investigate if a specific example can be provided.

  • The Help documentation, and associated videos, should have user procedures for uploading a file, and a section on any Loomio defined keystrokes.
  • All capital letters for a word should be avoided. Use CSS font style to emphasize, or Heading tags. Screen readers may interpret all capital letter words as acronyms. Also, compound words (words with no spaces) should start each word with a capital letter for proper pronounciation.
  • Text labels must be cearly defined. "Say something" is not very clear. Possibly, "Enter your comment".
  • After any user request action, a successful upload, should appear at the focus point. That is, an ARIA alert can announce the error, and the focus placed on the edit field with the incorrect text. You can use an ARIA alert for a success message, but better to use a confirmation dialog with the "Ok" button. There is no rule for returning focus, but for usability it should be at the top of the Main Content region or possibly the top of the Comment region.
  • The Comment page has no Breadcrumb, as is on the page [Loomio Community | Loomio]{https://www.loomio.org/g/WmPCB3IR/loomio-community?utm_campaign=thread_mailer&utm_medium=email&utm_source=user_mentioned&comment=983695} breadcrumb
  • There is no link to the Help Documentation on the Comment Thread page. [More help]{https://loomio.gitbooks.io/manual/content/en/index.html}
  • The User Help Manual has no reference to accessibility support. [Comments | Loomio manual]{https://loomio.gitbooks.io/manual/content/en/comments.html}
  • The FAQ page has no accessibility hints. [Frequently Asked Questions | Loomio manual]{https://loomio.gitbooks.io/manual/content/en/frequently_asked_questions.html}

David Best Fri 17 Jun 2016 3:46PM

Was the user accessibility issue resolved, and have the suggested updates been included in the recent Loomio refresh?


Matthew Bartlett Thu 23 Jun 2016 3:18AM

Hi David. I'm sorry for the slow reply. The person I mentioned has gone quiet. I'll ask how she's going.

No we haven't yet tackled your helpful list. I'll consider this a nudge to get on with it!