Mon 26 Sep 2016 9:12PM

Change of Blockchain Access value equation

JA Jim Anastassiou Public Seen by 320

Jim has raised a red flag to the amount of 15% that was allocated for the final documentation.
You can find it in the spreadsheet here:

You can also see on the second sheet that for the hours of technical work done the hourly rate is at $14.17 while the final documentation is over 50$

Any other proposals?

Please post only once and revise/improve your post according to what others are posting. This way we make it easier to reach consensus.


François Eric King Mon 26 Sep 2016 9:20PM

I agree with that. A pole could be created/voted with the % desired.


Jim Anastassiou Mon 26 Sep 2016 9:22PM

Suggestion made by Tibi to even out the hourly rate:

Here are some calculations:
Current bucket(A) for final docs $1406.25. Carrying over $906.35 into the Blockchain stack bucket(B) leaves (A) at 500$ and brings the hourly rates to (A)$17.86 and (B)$16.66 with a total of $6062.50 allocated to (B).

I propose this solution as well.


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Mon 26 Sep 2016 9:23PM

I suggest transferring an amount from one bucket to another to even out the hourly rate, once we have all the time logged.

Arguments for:
1. eVision and Living Lab Montreal didn't play fair. They had to work on Kaba API, on the front end, and to install a network of computers to run the blockchain. They didn't do that and pressured us into doing it, without allowing more funds for our work. Manon, the CNRC/IRAP technical representative who was instrumental in granting us (CAKE, eVision and Living Lab Montreal) the project was actually shocked to hear that. This situation put extra time into development.
2. Technical development should be weighted more. In other projects technical development or R&D has a weight of 50 and documentation has a weight of 20
3. Technical people are important for SENSORICA's commercial success, so we need to be nice to them.
4. We already have a precedent when the Value Equation was modified, the PV characterization project.

Arguments against
1. A group should consult when extra work is taken in a paid project, that has not been defined at the beginning of the contract.


François Eric King Mon 26 Sep 2016 9:26PM

All in for all that...and good to ear Manon could be on our side and make something totaly shocked for livinglab/evision too