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End of March (April) SG Meeting Agenda Ideas

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Hi all, just thought it'd be good to gather agenda ideas here for our next meeting. Please edit this description, or just comment your ideas.

Agenda suggestions:

. Lottery Fund - How and what to spend on.

. Update on funding / finances.

. Summer events (links to lottery fund!)

. Access / signs

. Sub-Groups - forming a list + encouraging people to get involved.

. Relocation of gate entrance (One of the gate posts has rotted out, an omen and opportunity to move it!)

. Peoples thoughts on re-activating Loveland's instagram ?

. Brief update that Finn, Duncan & Emma are going ahead with setting up a tree nursery. Looking for more people to get involved !


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Finn Wed 30 Mar 2022 9:37AM

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I'm away next week but more than happy to be filled in and provide some input with written points for it if im away.


Tallulah Sun 3 Apr 2022 9:38AM

Sat 2 Apr 2022 12:00PM
Mon 4 Apr 2022 5:00PM
Mon 4 Apr 2022 6:00PM
Mon 4 Apr 2022 7:00PM

Hi all,

sorry that I can’t make it tomorrow, I’m on a long care shift Mon/Tues (don’t usually work these days otherwise I would come!)

All agenda points sound good, the illustration team have emailed to say would we be happy to receive the flyer in April as they have been a bit hit by other uni deadlines. More Signage for beds would be great, Liz I were talking about this other day and thought I would get in touch with a roofer to see if they have spare slates we can use to write on.


Finn Wed 30 Mar 2022 9:56AM

Comments on agenda:

Lottery fund + Summer events: We need a plan formualting for events. The fund covers 6 events ( i think), it would be good to brainstorm event ideas. Green woodworking / spoon carving would be nice! £200 / event covers 20x£10 tickets, or could subsidise 20x£20 tickets to become £10 for example, broadening our options for events. I also wonder whether the event funding could be incorporated into the feasts me n Toots would like to run?

Funding / finances: My kickstart funding ends April 7th so after that money will be coming out of our funding pot!

Access / Signs: @Tallulah , would be good to hear of any updates from the illustration team if there are any?

I love the new community grains sign, would be great to have equivelent for the flower / veg plots, i wonder if those signs will weather ok? Im crap at writing / art so wont be any good making one for the veg myself mind you so any help would be appreciated!

Relocation of gate: The gate is broken as one of the posts rotted out, so theres the opportunity to relocate it. I've suggested it would be good to move it up, nearer the water tap as this would allow a smoother entrance into the field without the steep, muddy dogleg. This would make it much easier for vehicles to access the field (even without a new track). But, we should make sure any plans to move the gate fit with @Francesca + @Stephen Davies building plans?! We will also need to allocate funds towards these repairs too. We should also make sure the proposed new track for field access also fits with the building design.

Instagram: An unusal suggestion from me, the luddite, but im keen to see what peoples thoughts are on re-starting up Loveland's instagram!? It feels like theres so much happening at the land and using instagram may be a good way to share the love? The subgroups could have access and update it theirselves, aswell as general posts too. I think annie mentioned it would be good to me once... Anyway, just keen to hear peoples thoughts, and if anyone would be interested in using it (e.g posting etc).


Stephen Davies Wed 30 Mar 2022 1:22PM

Hiya mate! We want to do a design workshop for the building at Loveland some time soon. Will run through what we have in mind at the meeting if you add it to the agenda. Would also be happy to tie it in with some of the other events that have been mentioned so we've got a nice full day of activities like the picnic last year. x


Emma Thu 31 Mar 2022 8:04PM



Tallulah Sun 3 Apr 2022 9:38AM

Am very keen to do a couple of big feats at the land, Finn and I thought one in June and then an autumn one- so these could be part of the 6 lottery funded events maybe? Look forward to hearing meeting updates. Lots of love T x


Duncan Mon 4 Apr 2022 12:14PM

I'll still be at work when the meeting is on, but please could we add buying a broadfork to the agenda? Over the past few weeks a broadfork would have been a massive time saver for everyone I've seen up there. Would be very interested in people's thoughts on whether we can justify the cost (circa £200) or if anyone has any knowledge of sourcing cheaper ones.