To change the Fishing Quota Management System

T(B Tipene (Steve) Butter Public Seen by 55

Would like to see the number of take home snapper increased back up to a reasonable 15 per person per day, to take in to account the many people who are unable to go fishing on a regular basis. In a SNA1 (unsure on other area's quota amounts) area since 1986 commercial fisheries have lost -4% of their quota and the recreational fishermen have lost -77% of their quota. Fair or Unfair, do you agree with a change to up the recreational quotas.


Marc Whinery Sun 3 Aug 2014 10:44PM

I'll agree something sounds fishy.


Jane Butter Sun 3 Aug 2014 10:58PM

I live miles from the ocean so a fishing trip is a big undertaking ie petrol, a place to stay. To limit the recreational fisherman to 7 snapper per day is unfair. I think the quota system needs an overhaul


Ian Miller Sun 3 Aug 2014 11:05PM

I agree...sounds unbalanced. This is New Zealand - for New Zealanders (even though that seems to be changing by stealth) There is a very large recreational fishing lobby. Surely they would support any moves toward relaxing the bag limits.


Colin Davies Sun 3 Aug 2014 11:56PM

I'm not sure about the limits.
But commercial fishing should be limited before recreational fishing is limited.
So I say current system is unfair.


Fred Look Mon 4 Aug 2014 12:50AM

@colindavies anotherway of putting it is that after the direct citezens catch has been totalled up, the commercial take should be calculated on what can sustainably taken from the remainder. at this time quotas are not sustainable also if quotas were lowered for a decade the sustainiable catch that could be taken from then would be far greater than the current unsustainable take.


Colin Davies Mon 4 Aug 2014 3:03AM

yes, you put it into words better than me. but a lot more words.
Recreational fishing normally just catches a few fish. Where as commercial fishing often destroys the whole ecosystem.

Having worked on commercial boats, I can't believe traditional rod and reel type fishing has much impact.


Fred Look Wed 6 Aug 2014 1:34AM

What about people who go out and and catch fish for a community


Colin Davies Wed 6 Aug 2014 1:42AM

Is this for people fishing recreationally for a community, or people using commercial methods for a community.


Colin England Wed 6 Aug 2014 2:12AM

A discussion like this can't take place without the facts. The questions we need answered first are:

  1. What level are our present fish stocks?
  2. Do we want or need to increase our fish stocks?
  3. What is the sustainable take of those fish stocks?
  4. Of that sustainable take how much should be given over to commercial fishing and how much to private fishing?
  5. How many people engage in private fishing and how often?

Then, and only then, will we be able to answer the question of how many fish per day should be allowed to be caught.

BTW, we're really not looking at changing the quota system but refining how much can be caught and by whom.


Colin England Wed 6 Aug 2014 2:15AM

@fredlook Generally speaking, we can regard people catching for the community as fishing commercially.

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