Groups using their own domain names

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Some groups may like the option of using their own domain name for their loomio group.

What do you think of the idea? Would this be a possibility?


Matthew Bartlett Thu 11 Jul 2013 4:23AM

I have to admit, @neilmorris, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the volume of (high-quality) contributions at the moment, like I can't keep up.


[deactivated account] Thu 11 Jul 2013 4:39AM

@matthewbartlett Hopefully you can look on them as flags to be considered when you (the team) have time.

The ideas are better deposited here when they arise, than forgotten about and kept to myself. I do though apologise for the extra work I must be creating!

in the meantime the broader community might be interested in considering them.


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 11 Jul 2013 5:00AM

I have no idea about the technical considerations of this idea, but this could potentially be a source of pretty easy income. E.g. wordpress charge $13/yr to point thisname.wordpress.com to thisname.com


Chris Taklis Thu 11 Jul 2013 8:49AM

it would be useful.


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 11 Jul 2013 9:59AM

yes, I'd probably use this if it were an option too. Would probably even pay $10 to do it too.


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 11 Jul 2013 10:12AM

It's really exciting to think of Loomio as the 'front page' for a group's internet presence!

Imagine visiting an organisation's website and getting realtime access to their deliberation and decision-making, along with an invitation to participate... swoon!


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 11 Jul 2013 10:13AM

@robertguthrie could you speculate on how hard it would be to implement this feature? Seems like a promising revenue stream with no immediately evident negative side effects.


Robert Guthrie Fri 12 Jul 2013 6:13AM

Na this is pretty easy, and I think it's the name feature as having the group name on the right side of the url - we just need to decide which if not both methods to support.

groupname.loomio.org or loomio.org/group/name


Josef Davies-Coates Fri 12 Jul 2013 7:33AM

@richarddbartlett if I were to use it http://uniteddiversity.coop wouldn't go to our loomio group, but http://decisions.ud.coop may well do so :)