Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:09PM

OO support for the Open Data Cube Steering Committee

AL Alex Leith Public Seen by 9

As discussed, the ODC would like to take us up on a verbal offer of the provision of a Google Shared Drive.

We have prepared a letter, here. This letter was shared with Robert Woodcock, the current ODC SC Chair, and he has provided the below response. (Note that Alex edited point 2 already in the letter.)

  1. Regarding point 2 and ownership. “While OO will own the stored documents technically, ownership remains with the authors…” (emphasis added).

    • The ODC SC felt this wording may not be communicating the actual intent as the two statements of ownership sit in contradiction. The ODC SC suggested perhaps the use of the word custodian would assist – “While OO will be the custodian of the documents, ownership will remain with the authors”. This would be more consistent with the provision of storage by OO and the need to manage that storage, along with ensuring ownership is clearly with the authors.

  1. Regarding the available storage (point 3). The ODC SC is considering putting up some sample data for use with some support documentation and wanted some guidelines on the definition of reasonable use of storage. 10’s of Gigabytes, but not terabytes?

  2. Regarding point 6, the ODC SC is happy to acknowledge OO’s support in our materials. Could you please provide guidelines on how this is done, e.g., standard acknowledgement and use of OSGeo Oceania logo?

This is a discussion and a vote to approve or otherwise this support for the ODC.


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Support ODC with Google Shared Drive Closed Tue 12 Mar 2024 9:00PM

What is the decision you need to make?

Are we ready to support the ODC by providing them a Shared Drive under the terms listed in the letter?

Why is this important?

The ODC SC is the governing committee for the Open Data Cube, which is an OSGeo Community Project.

What are you asking of people in this proposal?

Please indicate your consent or an objection.

If you have an Objection, please say why and propose a change to the proposal that makes it safe.

Remember we are seeking consent for a ‘good enough’ decision that is 'safe to try', so we can make a good decision for our organization.


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Ewen Hill
Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:11PM

An excellent initiative and I am in full support. A good call by Renee on risk however I believe due to the limited risk, para 4 covers most eventualities without the need for an unenforceable legal letter but keen to here alternative thoughts.


John Bryant
Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:11PM

Yes, I think we should provide this kind of support to our community. I think we should make a call on what constitutes an "unreasonable amount of storage".


Elisa Puccioni Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:17PM

I'm happy with it. What do we want to do for storage? I think we should give them a bit more detailed guidelines, something about an upper limit of storage? And passed that limit we charge them whatever is charged to us? @Alex Leith you mentioned that there might be other solutions for storage? @Ewen Hill and @John Bryant for the 3rd point, I think it would be great if the comms team gets to it: what do we do it? Logo and acknowledgment? Advertise our regional FOSS? Other?


John Bryant Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:44PM

@Elisa Puccioni yes that sounds like a good idea. Working on mobilising a comms team, for now it's still just the 2 of us. I'll try to draft something this weekend.


Alex Leith Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:21PM

Hey @Elisa Puccioni, I don't think a few 10s of GB is a concern, since we have TB available.

If the ODC really want to store data for the long term and in a way that is publicly accessible, it might be worth them applying for a microgrant to spend on S3 storage, which we could also facilitate through our AWS account. I don't really want to offer that up directly, though, as it creates more complications. So I suggest we let them know that 10s of GB is fine to store.


John Bryant Tue 5 Mar 2024 9:21PM

Haven't we already committed to this by sending them the letter?


Renee M Wed 6 Mar 2024 5:39AM

My only concern is the lack of legal protections. Is it possible to include some sort of disclaimer?


John Bryant Thu 7 Mar 2024 10:09PM

I think the letter is fine and I'm totally in favour of providing this support. I'm confused about the process though - we've sent them the letter and then we're agreeing to the support? It seems like we've done this in reverse.

I've already asked this but haven't had a response - by sending the letter, haven't we effectively already indicated to ODC that we're committed to this? Hypothetically speaking, if we voted against this motion, it would be embarrassing to now communicate to them that we're withdrawing the support we already offered.


Alan Cheung Tue 12 Mar 2024 1:17AM

Hi all, I tried to understand the request from conversation threads but could not acquire a full picture yet so I will abstain from voting. A very naive question: If ODCSC is looking for "document storage only" as suggested by our letter, does an average Google Drive account not satisfy the need?