Thu 6 Jun 2019 7:57AM

Come join the core team for 2020 and "share the love".

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TAKEN FROM FB: For any of you keen Nestlings that want to get more involved next year. Please check out the lead roles we have open. Send a few lines explaining your experience/interest, that would be useful too. Now go for it, step up, have some fun and make Nest 2020 the best yet. It's all down to us . Please email [email protected] with your interests. https://www.burningnest.co.uk/get-involved/ Fiery hugs xx


Tom Allen Thu 6 Jun 2019 1:30PM

can i ask how this process will work? if ten people express interest in a lead role what will happen? on what criteria are they selected? could they just all work as a team? self select? i worry that if this is done like traditional job recruitment it will have all the pitfalls of traditional job recruitment (and we are better than that right?) i personally favour self selection of competency and self-management of tasks and roles by all interested parties. There was a comment on FB about due diligence, eg can the finance lead add up.... but i personally have found that if a roll is fully explained and a person states themselves they are confident, that is better and more inclusive than assessing on past experience etc. i think that if any judging of people is done, it should be done on how well they are aligned with the principles, not perceived competence.


Bess Fri 7 Jun 2019 9:55AM

"could they just all work as a team? " This is often likely to be possible. Eg if several people email saying they would like to develop and manage the website, they will probably be put in touch, supported to communicate with each other, which they might well do some of on Loomio, to invite other contributions from the tech skills heavy community, and delegate different tasks between them, one of which would be bottom lining and co-ordinating with other parts of Nest org.


xavier dubruille Fri 7 Jun 2019 11:28AM

also it would be a first to have really a lot of people interested in one role, usually it s quite difficult to get a name and so the previous one have to step up :)
i m quite happy with "the more the merrier" but to add another adage, i hope it wn t become "too many chefs" for strike, jakie and me were technicallt the strike lead but keegan was also a really good asset and becomes de facto strike lead 3.
After there is some special role which should be nominated to one person for administrative reason, for this one, discussing a process will be a pre requirement.


Deleted User Thu 6 Jun 2019 7:43PM

Tom, we have never had that many people express an interest in a role. We struggle to recruit Leads. If that ever did happen I'd let you know. As I've mentioned on Facebook, I'm Cat Wrangling on my own, whilst having a life, with responsibilities, so we don't have a slick process. This initial request for interest (and I would assume folks would write what they were interested in and a few lines of why), we will have someone call and chat you through what you want and we need. I expect to keep the interest open for a few weeks, then someone should be in touch over the summer (july/aug). To be very frank, this has been quite an intense year on social media for many of the team and I think many of us would be more than happy to take a step back and colead/guide any person stepping in the role we vacate. For practical reasons we have a lead but of course we would want to engage as many people into their chosen areas of choice as possible. Max is always saying you don't need to have experience in something to be in the team. My own personal opinion is that shadowing in a role before stepping into a lead would help ensure that person is supported in that role. We still need to agree on this in the core team, it will be raised within the next month and clarified. I lead recruitment in other volunteer groups and don't agree that self selection works (for example at Crisis At Christmas we trialled it and stopped it as it didn't work for the benefit of our guests.) Again we haven't discussed this in detail as a core team, I'm just giving you my view as an individual. We don't JUDGE people, thats a very judgemental statement, we are trying to MATCH people to the role, for their benefit and the benefit of the community.


Tom Allen Sat 8 Jun 2019 11:48AM

i was basing my skepticism on things i've heard about how people got lead roles in the past and even something i heard this year about not having a selection open for a particular role because they didn't trust 'unknown' people to do it in the way they wanted it done. this may just be the opinion of one person, not the whole team, but these comments hurt the whole community. i don't have the permission of the person who shared this with me to name that person unfortunately. as for self selection not working for your other event, i'm sorry to hear that, if you would like to take that discussion offline i'd love to hear what went wrong and provide advise from my perspective of tuning a self selection process over time until it did work, it does need to be managed, but the main difference is about empowering rather than approving. it has a great effect on the attitude of the person in the role i feel, especially when it comes to escalations further down the line


Deleted User Sun 9 Jun 2019 11:50AM

I do change management in my professional life Tom and completely agree we should be aiming for decentralised, empower groups of vols. I'm afraid I can't respond to hearsay or gossip (which is what I believe it is if people don't want to share their opinions openly). I'm afraid I don't have time to take this offline at the moment. I'm trying to expand the core team, as the community want, and that is turning into a a shed load of unexpected work at not a great time for me. Self nomination is way down on my list of priorities at the moment.


Tom Allen Sun 9 Jun 2019 2:14PM

I don't feel naming people is the best method to enact change and i'm sure you understand why others less passionate than me have no desire to start a dispute online with people currently in roles, especially when they see the horrid response to criticism that has been online already. but i can tell you i hear the same very small list of names a lot when people talk to me about not wanting to follow up on their desire to volunteer. Nest currently has no safe way for people to report criticism other than consent related so far (something i hope to change if I am accepted to the community liaison team) so it remains as hearsay until a proper channel exists to handle this sensitively as exists for consent related issues.
i'm sorry to hear you are finding this task not a great time for you, i am happy to help out in any way I can. if you are finding my input burdensome then please tell me that and what you think best to do about it. I am always open to discussion and change. I would also love to help lighten the load for you in any other way i could. peace and love. tom


Deleted User Sun 9 Jun 2019 3:41PM

I still feel the "they said" thing is gossip so I won't respond.We really can't improve things unless people share what they unhappy with in a respectful and transparent manner. As the Lead Cat Wrangler and the receipient of the Vols@ email I've never turned down a timely vol. Nothing will change if we can't be respectful and transparent.


Tom Allen Sun 9 Jun 2019 4:46PM

i'm really happy to hear you have never turned down a volunteer, i was more referring to reasons why people have never even emailed you. i agree that rumours are harder to deal with than specific reports, but as i said before, if naming and shaming someone in public is the only avenue, most people will do nothing. I'd hoped you would understand my comparison to consent related issues as to why this is not enough. If you really want me to name and shame people in public before you will even accept a problem exists I think we have to agree to dis-agree on that


Deleted User Sun 9 Jun 2019 4:57PM

I don't want you to name and shame anyone, I"m expecting people who have legitimate feedback to do so in a respectful and transparent way.

"if you really want me to name and shame..." this comes off as being very judgemental Tom, I thought you would appreciate the feedback.

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