Sat 29 Feb 2020 12:55AM

Musician and Performer Requests

D Dani Public Seen by 41

Who are the musicians and performing artists of Ecotopia Village? Do you have someone you'd like to promote or request that their application be given an extra look or prioritized? Let's share links and information about who we want to advocate on behalf of to production.


Dani Sat 29 Feb 2020 1:10AM

I have worked with a lot of musicians and artists at festivals, and sometimes they contact me about Cascadia NW because I used to bug them to come play in our forest. My #1 rule is they get their application in on time then tell me when its done.. next step is usually to post on the FB group/s to self-promote.

I've already received one request and it's a good one that I'd definitely advocate for - if Prod still asks the Village for their top requests, please consider Julian Reyes, a great friend from the Bay Area, very well known with a solid network too; he plays as DJ Keyframe:


Julian was the driving force and publisher behind the book and media project "Reinhabiting the Village" of which I am a contributing author. He was also the producer of The Polish Ambassadors Permaculture Action Tour film (I produced Action Days for TPA) and 'Electronic Awakening" which features OG Michael and Nina and others from the Oracle Gatherings.

It will be amazing to get him onboard and connect down the coast with the SF scene plus, he's an ideal person to be on the panel I'm proposing as part of my presenter application so I admittedly have some personal motivation to disclose.


Jodi Meadows Sun 1 Mar 2020 8:50AM

I encouraged Garrett Garner https://www.facebook.com/garrett.garner.94
to apply as a DJ. They are new here from Texas and played at a house party recently some of the most inspiring deep house I've ever heard--very different from what is usually played at Cascadia but would be a very welcome vibe.

Now that you mention Electronic Awakening, I remember that I have a copy, and if we do manage to have a squish tent/womb space, we could play that on a laptop for anyone who might be cuddling/chilling in there. I have many playlists to share in that space so there could be music playing on my spare phone, and then some film screenings at certain times. With some trippy lights up on the ceiling of course, and books like Reinhabiting the Village to read.

My son, Sasha, (he is 20 now) has been doing analog collage for the past couple of years and he has a decent following now on Instagram @dismalpretense . His work is derived from his dreams and visions, and each piece is part of a story he is building for the eventual publication of a novel. He has taught collage workshops at a few community events in Bellingham and feels confident that he could offer this at Cascadia. I am encouraging him to apply as a gallery artist and also mention that he does workshops to teach his craft. It would be tremendously empowering for him to be chosen to show art there. I told him if he can get his way in that way, then if there isn't a place for him to do a workshop, we would make that happen in Ecotopia. He isn't really interested in working on what I'm doing, he wants to do his own thing. But I'm sure he'll be around for food at some point. Ruby will be with me and available to help out some of the time. She's also got at least two boys who will be vying for her attention so I can't promise anything.