Wed 12 Aug 2015 11:41PM


JD Josef Davies-Coates Public Seen by 301

Have you seen http://sandstorm.io?

I think it's the best things since the Open App Ecosystem.

I really can't wait for Loomio, Cobudget and other Open App Ecosystem apps to be ported to it!


Bob Haugen Wed 12 Aug 2015 11:50PM

Looks good.

We had an interesting conversation with Daniel Harris of http://kendra.org.uk/ today where he wanted a protocol for exchanging music that could be used with any app or no app. Seems related if you squint.


Mikey Thu 13 Aug 2015 6:13AM

seen it, seems really great, sets a high bar for any aspiring decentralized app platform. :)

personally, i'm more interested in porting our apps to ssb (landing page, tech docs), as it aligns deeper with my feelings on high-trust networks being the bedrock for a decentralized architecture, plus it comes from the open source javascript community that i participate in and have made personal connections with.


Robert Guthrie Thu 13 Aug 2015 8:14PM

Something about this thread breaks Loomio 1.0. I'm not totally sure what it is.

Anyway I've also seen it and I think it looks great. However I seem to recall Loomio would be technically unsuitable for sandstorm as it's intended to host only the owners personal data or something?

I do agree it would be great to get Loomio to a place where you can 1 click deploy a private instance. Sandstorm and efforts in that direction will be really helpful to achieve that.


Josef Davies-Coates Wed 9 Sep 2015 1:19PM

@robertguthrie " However I seem to recall Loomio would be technically unsuitable for sandstorm as it’s intended to host only the owners personal data or something?"

I'm not what you actually mean/ if that is right (I don't think it is, I'm not sure what about Loomio could/ would make it technically unsuitable given how many really great apps have already been ported?)

But let me just take this opportunity to say I'd like to re-iterate that I'd really REALLY like to see Loomio ported to Sandstorm - it is just SO good and my gut feeling is that it is obviously going to become THE main way to simply and easily install and host instances of open source web apps (and I really REALLY want people to be able to do that with Loomio/ all Open App Ecosystem apps too, ASAP). :-D


Robert Guthrie Wed 9 Sep 2015 5:32PM

Great! I really would appreciate some support in the sysops side of Loomio. Can you help out?


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 10 Sep 2015 6:21PM

Would love to be able to, but sadly not - I'd don't actually code at all, I just grok geek speak :)

I do know a little html and css and have had to work out tiny bits of php with my wordpress work, but that is about it.

So apologies for just adding more work to the to do list of people who do already have the requisite skill set... I've considered trying to learn to code (I was a natural a maths as a kid) but so far never been able to find enough time and/ or muster the commitment :-/


Jon Richter Wed 23 Sep 2015 11:07PM

@robertguthrie You know it was the Crowdfunders pre-delayed-hiddenly-published-Docker-Dokku doku of Loomio which helped @ecobytes choose Dokku-alt for early PaaS experiments. Of course the road's like a rabbit whole, continuously unfolding. IndieHosters and others show how and why.

Now with a Federated Commons Cloud approaching and having all those nifty User Centric Applications like Federated Wiki coming to Sandstorm, we see a potential here.

But in the broader sense, we, the networks, want to run our infrastructure together and bridge isolations. I have often asked @derekrazo to have access and assistance with Co:Budget, for example, so intimately needed by @transformap right now.

Is @pierreozoux around here, btw., or @francesca?
In other words: What needs to be done?

Also see http://attending.io/events/degrowth-infrahack


Jon Richter Wed 23 Sep 2015 11:11PM

Sandstorm in the end is only one step in a fine grained, multi-tenant integration pipeline from

  • raw docker,
  • docker-compose
  • dokku-alt
  • deis
  • weave
  • rancher
  • mesosphere
  • k8s

and the likes for collectively supported infrastructure, fine-tuned to meet the privacy and auth standards from distributed networks mentionned above.


Josef Davies-Coates Wed 30 Dec 2015 10:18AM

Very pleased to see some others in the community have started to port Loomio to Standstorm, see https://www.loomio.org/d/yw0D8Sc6/help-porting-loomio-to-sandstorm :-D