Wed 7 Apr 2021 12:20AM

20210406 - April All-Hands

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isgood.ai & SFH Monthly All-Hands

1h to our monthly All Hands Meeting - April Edition

Where we will reflect on what we achieved throughout March & Q1 Review 馃殌

鉃★笍 Primary task records for meeting -> https://app.clickup.com/t/38z2rh

note: a number of apologies and non-availability at this all-hands, due to easter and daylight-savings changes


For everyone who is active at SFH & isgood to learn what鈥檚 occurring across the organisation.



  • Welcome to Country

  • SFH Coop Updates

  • Admin


  • MarComms: Malia

  • Web Developers: Matt + Ilias

  • Data Science - Sanee + Murthada

  • API - ongoing (via Tim)

  • Growth Team: Max (Simon apology)

  • Team Success: Max (Judith apology)

  • Founder update, reflection on Q1: Max

  • Events -> #events-training


Our team is up-to-date on key activities and understands the work to be done for the upcoming period.

馃槼 Folder with recording of meeting

Quarterly Team Survey

Results of Quarterly Team Survey available in detail via Report in Clickup.

Thanks to @kavishka for running the survey and pulling together results 馃憤


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 12:21AM

SFH Coop Update and Admin - by Max


  • welcome to country

  • apologies (numerous due to easter and daylights savings time changes, need to do a poll for new best times), slight re-order, and will be reading through some notes from others who couldn't make it

Solutions for Humanity Coop Updates

  • We have a new full member of the coop, Sanee Salim ... has been with us for some time, and has been doing wonderfully with the DS team ... he is the first person to formally apply and go through a formal loomio voting process, which is evolving as we formalise our structures and processes with the coop ... and, as our project team is consolidating with more ongoing and consistent core members staying active and contributing to the coop and it's projects, more contributors would start to become eligible and be able to apply as well - which is GREAT !!!

  • Outgoing member is Julien who resigned from being active, but will support from the sidelines.


  • isgood.ai Pty Ltd has received it's annual ASIC company statement for $273, which is payable by 27 May 2021.


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 12:23AM

MarComms Update - by @Malia Stauffer

  • building and implementing social media plans and such

  • resource hub on gitbook for SOPs

  • blogs are scheduled and starting to roll out.

  • socials and other stuff happening (and template being iterated to improve)

  • call out for contributors to blog and make them look cool

  • VIDEO for grant applications and explanation done !!!!

  • further dev growth strategies, brand narratives, etc


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 12:28AM

WebApp Update - by @Matt Sirkis & @Ilias Ibrahim

  • PERN stack dev going well and fast, soon be ready to show off

  • Gateway API meeting happened today with Sanee, Murtadha, Ilias, Matt about the comms between app & DS functions.

  • Matt doing most of backend app, Ilias running frontend (with Matthew & Kevin).

  • @Matthew Styzinski doing quick frontend show and tell at end of all-hands


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 12:29AM

DS Update - by @Sanee Salim and @Murtadha

Some amazing work has been done this month and we have deployed our working code to AWS. It is yet to be tested and checked in different ways. In this month we did the following:

  • AWS structure was updated and implemented accordingly

  • Databases were validated and populated all the required tables

  • Connecting to the database using a very secure path was successful

  • A flask application was created and integrated with Github and AWS

  • Jump boxes were created and elastic IPs were associated with them to access the Database

In the coming weeks, we will pursue the following.

  • Creating a flow diagram highlighting the flow of functions

  • A new script will be created to add more indicators to the database

  • Testing the global_related table and the strengths between them

  • Flask app will be made production-ready

  • Testing the app on AWS and on Local Machine

The aim is to verify the results that we return in the next 2 weeks.

Meeting with Gareth and Scott later this week ....


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 1:04AM

API Update - ongoing

@Hsinih Tu is leading efforts in this area, with advisory via Tim Davenport
- other contributors @Thomas Judge only at this stage.


Others requested to contribute to this area, especially those with aligned experience with APIs, AWS and infrastructure setup.


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 1:05AM

Growth Update - presented by Max

@Simon away due to Easter holidays

  • coupla hot prospects now, incl. one after a contract for first 12 months after general release.

  • still need initial beta release visible so people can see it exists !!!!


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 1:09AM

Team Success Update - presented by Max

@Judith Baeta unable to attend due to time changes, written report submitted - THANKS :)

  1. Welcome to out new contributors! (6)

    • Product Team: Aditya, Matthew, Naz, Kevin & Tim (Advisor)

    • Growth Team: Courtney

  2. Team Engagement Survey results.

    • Shoutout to @kavishka for (full report attached)

  3. Currently, DS Supporters working on documentation

  4. Next, continue/accelerate the documentation work and ensure planning and task breakdown for Q2 across teams


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 1:14AM

Founder Update - by Max

WOW ... end of Q1 .... which was only sort of a half quarter, as we we're semi-closed over the festivus period, and has taken a fair bit for everyone to get going after the 2020 ... that no one should have had !!!!!

We are behind on product, for where we had hoped to be .... plenty of work, learning and some great teamwork happening.

... but, we are behind.

...... but, so much of it is OH SO CLOSE now .... just a bit more to get that initial beta release deployed, and serious funding/partnership conversations progressed.

There's been a couple of let downs:

  1. Where we haven't seen these positives is ironically in "Team Success" ... while a few have been getting active with the DS docs, the survey, etc as discussed .... and the things noted as concerns for us to improve, are exactly the things that Team Success is supposed to be working on improving !!! It is ironic, and is unfair that Team Success aren't all active on Team Success.

  2. There's a few semi-active lurkers, who aren't putting in and supporting the others getting things done This is part and parcel of our structure, and we depend on each other to get things done. It isn't fair on others, which means we'll be moving to offboard those who aren't playing fair.

馃帀 IN THE END ... what we're doing is all about people
... and people joining together to do good in the world 鉂わ笍

We have such wonderful people who are active ... the comms and growth team gaining process and momentum .... platform DS, API forming up, and the webapp starting to get connected up ... and active advisors helping review and get ready the work that has been getting done.

NOT BAD .... considering much of this output has happened just in 2021, and a big chunk of that was during our 2020-recovery period.

-->> Therefor ... I reckon we are seeing some great teamwork .... people really pulling together .... AND all things considered, we may be behind, but we've done pretty damned good since the start of the year.

馃憠 Be PROUD of your achievements

Keep up the good work ... well done all who have contributed 锘筐煓傦豢


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 1:15AM

Upcoming Events

Quarterly Backlog Review

On Saturday the 10th, from 10am .... we'll be having a backlog building and pruning exercise, which will be hybrid remote and onsite ... a cal invite will be sent out tomorrow, for those who are willing and able to attend.

We need to finish and close out last quarters work, so first task is prioritising that ... and then what's upcoming for Q2 and beyond.

Events Channel

Keep an eye on the #events-training channel in Slack for interesting things coming up .... and, we'll have a list of all interesting stuff on our website sometime in the not too distant future also ... as some things are starting to happen IRL again, and a few more "normal" events are returning.


Max Wed 7 Apr 2021 2:25AM

WebApp Frontend Walkthrough - by @Matthew Styzinski

After official proceedings, there was a quick walk through of webapp frontend for those interested, which was mainly the user login entry screens, as per the flow in Miro.


Judith Baeta Thu 8 Apr 2021 6:37AM

Nice update! Let's keep building up momentum 馃挭