Tue 20 Oct 2015 2:21AM

We need your help to make our book happen!

EH Elizabeth Heritage Public Seen by 29

Hopefully, all y'all know by now that we have a book coming out later this year about the development of CC in NZ. It's called A Quiet Revolution: Growing Creative Commons in Aotearoa, and we're really hoping to be able to make a short print run.

That's where you come in: we can only make paper books if we manage to raise $3,000 on PledgeMe.

We've had some great support so far - thanks very much to all of you who have pledged. But we just have ten days left to raise the remaining third of the funds.

If you've been meaning to pledge but haven't quite got around to it yet, please do it now. We can't do this without you.

And remember - the print book won't be in bookshops or anything, so pledging $25 or more to the campaign is the only way to get a copy for your very own.

Thanks so much :-)


Danyl Strype Sat 31 Oct 2015 9:38AM

Congratulations in reaching not only the initial goal to fund the print run, but also overshooting the stretch goal! I'm really looking forward to receiving my print copy of the book, and reading it under a tree over the summer, instead of on a screen in an office :) Well done to everyone involved in this effort.


Matt McGregor Sun 1 Nov 2015 9:44PM

Yes! Lion's share of the work was done by @elizabethheritage and the team of students from Whitireia. It's a great achievement. The most pleasing part for me is getting the book into as many libraries as we can.


Elizabeth Heritage Mon 9 Nov 2015 2:42AM

Thanks! Really looking forward to seeing our book 'in the flesh' as it were.


Elizabeth Heritage Mon 7 Dec 2015 1:23AM

The book has gone to print, yay! And we're hoping to be able to send pledgers their copy of the ebook later this week.