Work day at the restaurant, Jernbane Allé 70, Vanløse

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Hey all

I will try to announce this here.

This saturday we are hosting a work day at the restaurant. We are finishing some painting and prepare construction of a bathroom in the basement. But also it could be an opportunity for anyone in the network to get to know the place and give us feedback to the project. We are starting at noon. Seeing some of you out there would be great!


Andreas Wolf Mon 1 Feb 2016 7:33PM

Awesome, @nikolajbocher ! I've been waiting for that :)

Would be awesome to have some other people from D&R joining. @arildkalseth ? @sebastianbovbjerg ? @annasircova ? @philholtam ? @jordifaxedas ? @nicolaswormser ?

I compilled from our last converation also this list with things the restaurant could need support with. Maybe we could also make a brainstorm on any of those?

Do you start with a lunch at noon, or should we come fed and packed?


Anna Sircova Wed 3 Feb 2016 2:42PM

unfortunately I'm not available on saturdays usually


Phil Holtam Wed 3 Feb 2016 3:42PM

Sounds good. I'm in


Jordi Faxedas Thu 4 Feb 2016 4:18PM

Hey guys! That sounds good! I am in as well, but probably will not be able to make it until 3pm or so... Are you planning to stay there long? I can give a hand if needed!


Andreas Wolf Fri 5 Feb 2016 11:41AM

I'm pretty sure there will be still stuff going on at 3pm! Please come!


nikolaj.bocher Fri 5 Feb 2016 11:47AM

@jordifaxedas Yes, we will absolutely still be working at 3. Great if you can join!


Jordi Faxedas Fri 5 Feb 2016 12:09PM

@andreaswolf @nikolajbocher Cool, I will come then!


Nynne Louise Bach Sat 6 Feb 2016 8:30PM

I would like to give a helping hand another day.