Mon 12 May 2014 5:59PM


M Matilda Public Seen by 4

In this area we’ll be discussing what policies you believe in for immigration/emigration in the UK. You can propose any policy you see fit and people can discuss it here.


Marianne Farrar-Hockley Tue 13 May 2014 5:47PM

We wish to foster a sense of community again, as opposed to everyone shutting their door against their neighbours and "not intervening" when domestic things go wrong. At local level, this means towns organising street events, social evenings, free concerts and everything else that gets people out of their houses and down into the agora to meet and mingle.

I like the idea of a street cook-off: everyone make their best dish and bring it out onto the pavement. You buy a paper plate for a pound, to fundraise for a chosen local charity, and walk up and down the street seeing what people have made and trying a bit.

Local governments to provide encouragement for this sort of event (easy road closures, sensible 'elf and safetee, etc).

This also has social and local democracy impacts.