Caravan & Rideshares Info

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I pulled together the ways one can plug-in to rides and caravan.

There’s a few ways to find or offer rides, individually or plug into the caravan organizing.

To sign up on our spreadsheet for rideshares, please fill out the volunteer form (http://interoccupy.net/natgat2014/volunteerform/), and click:
What areas are you interested in volunteering for? Caravan Planning / Ride Sharing
We’ll contact you back and then closer to the event, put you in touch with others coming that way.

Rideshares - Post your ride needs and offers on ONG Sharetribe.

Caravans are self-organized groups travelling to natgat and coordinating to meet up with other Occupiers along the way. Keep up on Caravan organizing on these facebook events:
NY to CA Caravan
Southern CA Caravan

Start your own regional caravan!
NatGat3 Media, Outreach and Admin will help you coordinate and spread the word. Each Caravan is responsible for its own fundraising and expenses decisions.

is this cool for content?
would like to create a post for the hub, and for sharetribe.

also created a doc for each known route
NatGat3 Caravans Main Pad

next step: spreadsheet


Jackie Thu 1 May 2014 7:22AM

I scheduled a post on fb for tomorrow; cancel if changes need to made.

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didn't want to interfere with MayDay posts today.


Tricia Thu 1 May 2014 12:47PM

Well done!


Jackie Fri 2 May 2014 6:51PM

here’s some suggestions from the hashtagalicious post on main group:

#OccupyCaravan for a bunch of vehicles riding together
#OccuRide for individual arrangements for rides in cars and such #OccuBus for those who are organize to come in buses?
#OccuSouth #OccuNW #OccuSE
#OccupyCaravan #OccuSE



Daniel Hong Sun 4 May 2014 11:58PM

Thank you, @jackie ~~~!


Sally G Sat 17 May 2014 2:49PM

@danielhong I understand that you are working on a caravan from Eugene; right? I will add that city as a start point on my map.
Mapquest shows that as an 8-hour (+ 8 minutes!) drive; would you be breaking that up or going straight through? If you stop, where would that be?


Julia Clark Sun 18 May 2014 5:25PM

I added the JCO/CCC caravan coming from the SouthEast on the Tribeshare Admin help and advice is needed.


Tricia Sun 18 May 2014 6:18PM

@chasschaeffer is coordinating the East Coast caravan and Daniel is doing it for Oregon. It might be a good idea to get your route and times and budget for gas and food and tools figured out. It'll be good to have when ppl start responding. Sally can put you on the map.


Julia Clark Sun 18 May 2014 8:03PM

Who is Daniel? How can one do such from Oregon?
Is @chasschaeffer in the NE? We very well may not cross paths. I just googled the route and it is 40 hours from where I am. mainly through the lower half of the USA. Chass will be driving through the northern part of the USA, if he is coming from the NE


Sally G Sun 18 May 2014 11:25PM

Daniel Hong is on the calls and here on Loomio (actually, he has a comment above—14 days ago, look ). Here is the map so far. Chas is in Pittsburgh.


Julia Clark Mon 19 May 2014 2:19PM

I apologize . I must have been tired when I read that. I misread it as from, instead of for.
And a sincere apology to Daniel . He is on my friends list. I know him. facepalm embarrassed