Mon 13 Oct 2014 11:43AM

Organic Food meets Tech

E Eimhin Public Seen by 91

Sensorica (www.sensorica.co) are working on some garden management arduino based tech.
Tibi: "The "Garden Manager" is an Arduino-based garden control system. It takes information from sensors (temperature, humidity, soil ph, sunlight, etc.) and makes decisions to water the plants, to add nutrients and other products to water, etc.

For urban agriculture, this system reduces the level of commitment for those who want to get involved in urban agriculture. They don't need to take care of their garden as much, but it doesn't take the pleasure away.

There are two levels of value provided.
1. value to the user - automate processes
2. value to society - provide environmental data over the web, in real time

We have 2 prototypes that we are remixing and packaging for specific applications. We are working on the connections to Internet, the GM sends data over the web and allows remote control. "

We have been asked to join this process. do we want to do this? What can we bring to this work?


Jules Dutch Fitzsimons Mon 13 Oct 2014 3:19PM

sounds great!

i'd like to work on the arduino and phone app side of this.

some of my friends from Tog are working on this stuff too.
they have recently been asked by the Urban Farm guys to help with something similar.

the lads from Bedroom Laboratory might be interested too

so we can round up a posse to work on this!

What timelines are we looking at? there are a few other projects on the go ...


Eimhin Mon 13 Oct 2014 5:47PM

Trial ready for Spring?


John Roche Tue 14 Oct 2014 1:26PM

I'd be very eager to be involved in this kind of project. I can see this having an end-user face as well, people could be shown what produce is about to be ready for picking.


Eimhin Tue 14 Oct 2014 1:46PM

yup this goes a long way.

You are all keyed into the list, I'll invite you to the online doc now


Eimhin Mon 20 Oct 2014 12:15PM

I just noticed that Panappe from the P2P Foodlab will be running a course as part of Open HEre on how to build the P2P Foodlab model Its free, I will be booked in and I suggest that anyone else interested do likewise, this event is going to be key: http://openhere.data.ie/?page_id=9


Jules Dutch Fitzsimons Mon 20 Oct 2014 1:31PM

i signed up; i also got in touch with the robin hood collective, who seem interesting

also this thing is on the same weekend:

the topics dont look as good, but there will be some important people there


John Roche Tue 21 Oct 2014 12:11PM

I signed up also. What did Robin Hood say?


Eimhin Tue 21 Oct 2014 12:24PM

If everyone is going to the former I ight sign in to the latter

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