Mon 13 Oct 2014 11:43AM

Organic Food meets Tech

E Eimhin Public Seen by 91

Sensorica (www.sensorica.co) are working on some garden management arduino based tech.
Tibi: "The "Garden Manager" is an Arduino-based garden control system. It takes information from sensors (temperature, humidity, soil ph, sunlight, etc.) and makes decisions to water the plants, to add nutrients and other products to water, etc.

For urban agriculture, this system reduces the level of commitment for those who want to get involved in urban agriculture. They don't need to take care of their garden as much, but it doesn't take the pleasure away.

There are two levels of value provided.
1. value to the user - automate processes
2. value to society - provide environmental data over the web, in real time

We have 2 prototypes that we are remixing and packaging for specific applications. We are working on the connections to Internet, the GM sends data over the web and allows remote control. "

We have been asked to join this process. do we want to do this? What can we bring to this work?


Jules Dutch Fitzsimons Tue 21 Oct 2014 12:30PM

@johnroche not much, just said hello & see you in dublin

@eimhin i hope to go to a few events in both


Jules Dutch Fitzsimons Thu 15 Jan 2015 8:52PM

we applied for the NDRC launchpad (its a startup incubator, where they give you a desk and some money in exchange for a potentially investable product)

they have invited us to pitch (times & details below)

this is something interesting, but many of us have fundamental disagreements with the business model/arrangement that it is part of.

hopefully we can pitch, apply and 'hack' the process if we are accepted :)

Dear Eimhin

Thank you for your application for NDRC’s LaunchPad programme.

You have been selected for the next stage in the evaluation process and we are happy to invite you to pitch your proposal to us.

Remember, you and your team must be in a position to commence NDRC LaunchPad on 2nd March 2015 for 13 weeks.

Can I therefore please ask you to respond asap (no later than Tuesday 17th January at 5pm) if you have decided to withdraw your application for this round.

If you wish to continue with your application for NDRC LaunchPad Spring 2015, please book in for your pitch to us: http://ndrc.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=12829aa87252d3a8579f90f4d&id=cdd9a67d43&e=384a5a2cf5

You need to select one available time slot to come to NDRC for your pitch. Please ensure you book your slot with your name or company name as used in your application. Doodle does not send automatic confirmation emails so we suggest you take note of your selected time or create an account so you can sync Doodle with your online calendar.

For overseas applicants we will arrange for you to pitch online to us. Please book the time for your online pitch and we will be in contact with more details.

Due to the huge interest in this programme, we have very little flexibility to change this scheduled slot. If you have serious problems, please let us know immediately and I will endeavour to change your time, but I can’t promise.

Your pitch will take place at NDRC. Visit our website for instructions on how to get to us http://ndrc.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=12829aa87252d3a8579f90f4d&id=c15ad4fd8c&e=384a5a2cf5

We have a very strict pitching schedule, and therefore can only allow a 20 minute slot for each applicant. This will be made up of 10 minutes pitch and 10 minutes questions. We appreciate that this is short, but confirm that all evaluations will be made on the basis of BOTH your online application AND your pitch.

Please see our presentation which should assist in the preparation of your 10 minute pitch: http://ndrc.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=12829aa87252d3a8579f90f4d&id=48007e6f2d&e=384a5a2cf5

Some practicalities:

  1.  Please arrive at NDRC at least 10 minutes before your allotted time.
  2.  Please ensure the person who pitches will be the person participating on the programme. If possible, we would like to meet all the team.
  3.  Please bring your pitch presentation on a memory stick on the day, and ensure your presentation is PC compatible.

With best wishes
Ann Marie