Wed 24 Oct 2012 1:38AM

Roles and Hierarchy

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While most of these roles are pretty self explanatory I've added some notes underneath as to what we think the role pertains.

|¯ Security                |¯  Head of Security
|                 Excom
|_ Medics                   |_  Site Manager    
                        |¯  Gate Manager
                        |   MPW Manager
                        |   Depot Manager
                        |   Artery Manager
                        |   Town Planner
                        |   H & S Officer
Operations Manager ->    |   Greeters Manager
                        |   Kitchen Manager
                        |   Paddock Pirates Manager
                        |   Temple Lead
                        |   Man Lead
                        |   Centre Camp Manager
                        |_  Treasurer

Head of Security
Take authority as they deem necessary to deal with situations. End of line, the buck goes no further during these incidents. Advises Site Manager as necessary. Meets daily with Operations Manager and Site Manager's from previous (yet to go to a meeting) and on duty shifts.

Site Manager
Responsible for solving problems in all day to day operations, Full authority to make decisions based on procedures or best judgement if is none to follow. In making these decesions they should consider the opinions of there consibliaries. To follow instructions of Head of Security when they see fit to step in.

Operations Manager
Oversees different departments. Communicates with and supports managers. Contact point for problems/issues others see with departments. Problems to be raised with managers first. This is a mediator role not an authoritative role. Problems to be escalated to Site Manager.


Hippie Wed 24 Oct 2012 1:43AM


Whats the difference between Site Manager and Operations Manager? What kind of situations do you see the Operations manager dealing with compared to the Site Manager?


Hippie Wed 24 Oct 2012 1:44AM

Operations Manager is a role to keep an eye on and support managers with issues about the running of our internal organisations (as seen in the diagram I made), Site Manager is above the Operations Manager and would handle the problems if they need actioning (I.E. Something isn't happening or someone is not doing their job properly). Operations Manager is just a role to keep an eye on things and offer support when needed.

I.e. Artery Manager is having trouble with their shade structure and work loads, Operations Manager would step in and see how they can assist, liase with Volunteer Manager and see if there is any support they can provide.

A situation where the Site Manager would be called in is if after providing support there is still a systemic failure (I.E something really important isn't happening) and then the Operations Manager would raise this with the Site Manager, and the Site Manager would be the person who takes any authoritative action to fix the problem.


Hippie Wed 5 Dec 2012 1:10AM

Discussed the need with Bruce for pre-event site manager(s) and consigliaries to keep the whole thing working.


Kathy Guidi Wed 5 Dec 2012 5:55AM

I'm in total agreement with your delineation between Site Manager and Ops Manager. Good drawing too!