Sun 7 Dec 2014 7:11PM

doing some Deliberative Democracy

BB Bob Bollen Public Seen by 63

How's this for an idea to work on together? It's relatively close to being a citizen's jury, and may be one vehicle to help Neal make Compass more horizontal.

We might propose something like this to Neal:

"Hello Neal

Here's a way towards making Compass more horizontal at the same time as getting more input into policy making before the General Election. The idea would be to invite people to join one of a family of virtual policy making teams, who would work together to produce Compass Policy Proposals.

Steps along the way

1. agree 3-5 policy areas
2. by email invite members to join a policy team (so they volunteer - rather than being chosen at random)
3. aim to have some people in each team of service consumers (eg patients if the area was the NHS), service providers (eg doctors & nurses) and policy experts (eg from the Kings Fund) - if not then find some
4. appoint a volunteer facilitator for each team to be actively involved in face to face and online discussions
5. (optionally if we can afford it) hold a one day face to face kick off session for each group
6. empower the team to do some research, come up with policy proposals, and write a draft policy paper by an agreed date - they would work together by phone and internet - we might suggest tools they should use
7. (optionally) appoint somebody to liase between them and head office in order that ......
8. (optionally if we can afford it) hold a one day face to face final review session for each group

We might agree some principles to which they should abide, eg

1. target length of policy paper
2. structure of policy paper
3. timetable 
4. ...."

What do you think?


William Judd Mon 8 Dec 2014 8:42AM

I really like this idea! Here are a few additional thoughts:

1) You'd have to think of an optimal size of group - too many and this may become a problem (both virtually and online). If take up is so enthusiastic, perhaps you could have successive rounds for a particular proposal - with different groups, any amendments would need the approval of the group before etc.

2) You say it is all voluntary but then we would have to get some of those who are unrepresented - how would they be chosen?

3) the age old question of facilitators - do they need any experience/training.


Brian Fisher Mon 8 Dec 2014 1:14PM

Excellent. That's sort of what we intend to become isn't it?