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Where are the overlapping interests between current research/datasets and Twitter's offer to consider Data Grants


Ian Brown Thu 13 Mar 2014 12:14PM

This group was added following our recent conference call in order to provide a place to store discussion and help to process proposals and decisions.

please let me know if you find this useful - Ian


Kristine Gloria Thu 13 Mar 2014 2:01PM

Thanks Ian for creating this space.

I actually have a proposal I'm submitting on behalf of the TWC, which wasn't included in the initial round of collaborations. We hopefully will be submitting nonetheless. If anyone is interested in collaborating, please do let me know.


Ian Brown Thu 13 Mar 2014 2:12PM

Great Kristine - congrats on being the first person to contribute!! :)


Fil Menczer Thu 13 Mar 2014 2:14PM

We submitted a proposal for CNETS, in which we indicated that our lab is part of WSTNet and thus can leverage expertise and collaboration from the broader community.


Ian Brown Sun 16 Mar 2014 6:22PM

Great Fil - thanks for the update. Please let us know the outcome.


vs Tue 25 Mar 2014 9:52AM

i am not sure how to express this properly, but i am interested in the level of abuse that twitter users are exposed to. one typical case is that of a professional who uses twitter, say eg a columnist who expresses their opinion on any matter of public interest. whatever they say, they are likely to receive a lot of abuse, foul language etc. is there any evidence that this is driving people (either posters or readers) away from twitter? can it be controlled? a different question is for plain users who might be (and are) abused without even the chance to ban... is this getting to be a problem.

i suppose the first question though is whether this poses an interesting research question and, if so, how to go about it.


Ian Brown Tue 1 Apr 2014 10:41PM

Why don't make a proposal by clicking in the right and we'll see how the group feels about this topic..