Mon 25 Jun 2018 9:51PM

Not just Silicon Valley, who else is disrupting construction w/ tech?

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Like the rest of the real estate ecosystem, “The construction industry is ripe for digital disruption,” according to this story from CityLab. Will today's innovations fizzle out like past visions inspired by prefabs, or will new technologies and the Internet of Things achieve “deep integration and newfound efficiencies.” How will trade unions respond?

Those questions and more were addressed by Rebuilding the Supply of Affordable Housing, an event hosted jointly by MIT's Center for Advanced Urbanism and Fannie Mae, see #InnovateHousing on Twitter. Anyone on #RE2020 working with Construction Tech companies in Boston? According to the Boston Globe article, "the venture capital firm Borealis Ventures is tracking more than 70 companies in the Boston area that are focused on construction, real estate technology, and “smart cities."


Here's what CityLab says about Why Silicon Valley Wants to Conquer Construction

And why it may not be so easy:

Should we host a meetup on the subject or spin out a separate section on #RE2020 to seed collaboration across the emerging real estate ecosystem?