Sun 24 Feb 2019 3:58AM

DApp Devs Hiring and Onboarding

GG Griff Green Public Seen by 151

We have been in a transistion period for a while now, Our original DApp Team has started to move on to other projects. Satya seems to have moved on completely, Vojtech is still very much involved, but spends most of his focus on the B4H version of the DApp on RSK and RJ has been our rock and has gotten the DApp back up to speed, but he is excited to continue his further his career by working with another team.

In short... WE NEED NEW DEVS!

This thread is about that topic!

In TJ, Rafa from alibre has offered us office space and a senior dev part time, hopefully we can find a dev or 2 more here in TJ :-D

In Nepal, Michael knows a dev team they might also be able to support our development needs.

In Ukraine there is a dev group that had a similar DApp they were workign on and might be able to support us.

in the end we also have great contributors like Deam, Friedrich and many others, including on gitcoin...

This is the thread for updates


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Should we accept the offer to pay 1460 DAI per month to George Closed Thu 28 Feb 2019 4:01AM

If you were at Devcon4 you will remember George, he crashed at our pad in Prague :-D

He is in Tijuana working at the awesome Alibre office https://www.alibre.io/
He helped them build an app that provides donation tracking in Mexico its been working for 2 years now:

Its very cool!

It has helped raise funds for everything from surgeries for kids with cancer and for birthday parties. :-D

He is obv very qualified!

The plan is that he will work every morning m-f :-D
I will do my best to onboard him on monday, I'm hoping we can do a welcome an onboard meeting on Tuesday!

We are voting for a time on Tuesday:


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Abstain 28.6% 2 D JF
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Undecided 0% 12 Q E R C EAD OJ V G JB D AA L

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Griff Green
Sun 24 Feb 2019 9:19PM

honestly, this is a no brainer ;-)


Kris is
Sun 24 Feb 2019 10:49PM

Curious to hear more on what exactly he will work on, but great news that we have extra dev support!


Bowen Sanders
Mon 25 Feb 2019 12:01AM

I'm going by Griff's reccomendation on this, and i'm SUPER excited to onboard a new Giveth Dev!!


Josh Fairhead
Mon 25 Feb 2019 1:43PM

Sounds like a good Dev, the hours sound quite part time though so I'm not sure on a cost-benefit but it seems like somthing to try as it seems reasonably low risk


Tue 26 Feb 2019 6:32PM

is this funded from the Unicorn DAC? My hesitations are based on the observations that the DApp circle's lack of funding was the major contributing factor in why our current devs are leaving and need to be replaced, and that the Unicorn DAC intention has shifted to covering Regular Rewards, which is already insufficient as pointed out by Kris. i don't feel i have enough factual evidence that the Giveth DAC can support the proposal.. are we promising more funds not yet raised?