2023 June Guild Wide Meeting Recap

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June Guild Wide meeting 

6/7/2023 5:30pm EST 

Facilitator : Max

Secretary Jerone & Dave

Agenda Doc [Open Agenda]

Important Update 

[Wifi Update] As of June 7 2023, we are offering 3 wifi networks:

- Lots of events happening this month, please use SLACK to help out each other's set up/reset. If you're not sure who's hosting the event(s) you can see the calendar or email [email protected] and reach out to the event team. 

- We paid Property Tax! 

- Vision Narrative is almost ready! [Read] Thank you Jerone! 

Action items

-  Meeting to clarify action steps from Zicklin final presentation. 

-  STaTS HQ meeting (Dave, Carlos, Cassie, Yuko) 

-  Board Structure Meeting (Max will send out info) 

-  Newsletter submission by 6/9 5pm [email protected] about anything you want to share on the next newsletter. (Photo, 250 words or less, links...) 

Prep for Summer 

- Please help out for TLC for Guild Hall (Trash, Refilling, Earthlings.... ) 

-  Cafe team will be on break for 2 weeks in July. [TBD] 

If you're going away for an extended period of time, would you share that in the slack? 

- Jerone will reach out to Earthling team for Turtle Care

Thanks everyone for being amazing and if you have any support, please let me know. 

Love and light