Fri 23 May 2014 10:43AM

Gather at Open State Camp?

JD Josef Davies-Coates Public Seen by 48

I think it'd be awesome if all those working on (open source apps for) transparent, democratic and decentralised organising (as this Enspiral doc puts it https://docs.google.com/a/enspiral.com/document/d/1lfy9Q2OdssTMPm-mZ23UVDutfsCYhH_z0qz1bpsOfco/edit ) could gather at OpenState Camp (see http://www.openstate.cc/ ) planned to take place over 5 weeks in Berlin this Autumn.

I (Josef) would be up for helping to make this happen (including helping to organise crowdfunding etc for travel/ accommodation/ food costs) :)


Mikey Fri 23 May 2014 8:22PM

this sounds great. :) in a few months, i think we should have a few initial apps and a better understanding of how to create more, so Open State Camp seems like a great space to collaborate more on the open source app ecosystem.


Joshua Vial Fri 23 May 2014 11:21PM

I would love to be there but 5 weeks might be too much for me.


Josef Davies-Coates Sat 24 May 2014 9:47AM

@joshuavial yeah 5 weeks is quite long, but all the more reason for it potentially to be really productive and go beyond the usual 'good to meet' that happens at most events :)

too much in what sense? couldn't afford the time away from paid work? what if we could crowdfund what people need to make to be able to cover it?

@ahdinosaur would love to know more about which other apps you think you'll have in other few months :)


Joshua Vial Sat 24 May 2014 8:49PM

@josefdaviescoates mostly it's time away from my various Enspiral responsibilities. If there is a crew there working on open-app I might be able to contribute part time remotely.


Joshua Vial Sat 24 May 2014 8:50PM

The github repo is the best place to watch for roadmaps and updates as we go - https://github.com/open-app/core


Bob Haugen Sun 25 May 2014 5:13PM

@joshuavial - we (valnet, mikorizal) clearly do not fit your criteria. We will be interested to learn how you do any of the critical things we are doing will small single-purpose apps. If you can do it, we will join you and help.

P.S. @josefdaviescoates - valdev will be up for grabs again as soon as we can get it cleared out, which probably be tomorrow. If you still want to play, send me an email at my first and last names separated by a period at gmail and I'll ping you when it is ready.


Bob Haugen Sun 25 May 2014 5:14PM

Damn, no edits! I meant "with" small single-purpose apps. I don't mean I think it is impossible. Just that I don't know how to do it yet, nor do I know to what extent it is possible.


Joshua Vial Sun 25 May 2014 10:18PM

@bobhaugen none of our apps meet all the criteria either - Loomio is the closest but is still too large. one of our internal apps (my.enspiral) is a long way away on many different fronts.


Bob Haugen Sun 25 May 2014 10:26PM

@joshuavial - what makes you think this is a workable idea then? I mean, as opposed to getting the required functions working one way or another and then refactoring like crazy?

Kent Beck's slogan was make it work, make it right, make it fast. In that order.


Joshua Vial Sun 25 May 2014 10:50PM

@bobhaugen that's pretty much the philosophy we are taking and we have apps in production now that do the job but are expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate with each other.

We're just being very clear that until an app meets those standards we consider it a prototype or beta version.

These are just the standards we are setting for core apps in the ecosystem, there is no reason apps outside of the ecosystem couldn't integrate heavily with the apps and follow different standards. e.g. valnet could remain separate and still leverage functionality from loomio, cobudget, circles etc. if that was useful.

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