Thu 2 Feb 2017 3:34AM

Bank Account No 39 9018 0475507 00 and IRD number

KH Kerren Hedlund Public Seen by 306

Holly, I and Justin opened the account today for Paekakariki Housing Group with Kiwi bank. Marika at Kiwi recommended 3 persons of which two can sign just in case someone isn't around, e.g. if I travel. In any case we'll probably do this all over again once we've a real Trust. In the meantime, its a NOW account, charges $0.40 per outgoing transaction (payments to our buyers best to do once a month perhaps). No charges for incoming. If we want a free account we need an IRD number for a NFP. For now we're signed up as a unincorporated society. Not sure if we want to apply for IRD number as NFP but if we do, attached is the right form. If we "earn" less than $1000 we don't have to prove much by way of by-laws, etc. Suggestions?


Tina Pope Mon 6 Feb 2017 8:36AM

Thanks @kerrenhedlund and @holly. I'll get Raima signed up and payments started and let you know about APs wednesday. I'll neef to make first payment to purchasers as it is due tomorrow. Will sort out later. I suggest one of Jennifer or Grant (?name) be the other signatory. Will discuss with them when I meet them later this week.