Fri 22 Nov 2013 5:48AM

Dec SDC - Proposal: Encouraging women-s activism in NSW Greens

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Proposal to December SDC from Women's Group

Encouraging women's activism in NSW Greens

  1. In the spirit of International Women's Day (8th March) and as a measure to encourage women's activism in the NSW Greens, local groups are encouraged to send women delegates to the first SDC 2014. This SDC is be facilitated by women for at least one day and a feminist speaker is to be invited to attend.
    This will be a repeat of the successful 'Women's' SDC held this year.

  2. That the NSW Greens holds a women's conference in October 2014.


activate more participation by Greens women in the party beyond local group activities
familiarise Greens women with the history, objectives and mechanisms of consensus decision making
familiarise Greens women with party structures and organization
introduce Greens women to office bearers and their roles
introduce Greens women to Greens MP's and their roles
in so doing encourage Greens women to consider more active participation in all aspects of the Greens NSW


Hire a space with capacity for approx. 50 participants
Local metropolitan groups to cater morning tea and afternoon tea.
Participants pay for a lunch which is out sourced.
Billets provided for non metropolitan women
Local groups of each participant organise childcare at home for participants if required.