Thu 13 Apr 2017 12:32PM

Resources on child and youth participation best practice

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Documents which help understand how to meaningfully involve children and young people


Lisa O'Shea Thu 13 Apr 2017 12:52PM

Empowered and Connected: Young Leaders for ending violence against children
3. Becoming Researchers: A simple guide for children and young people who want to carry out social research

  1. Child-led Research: A method of participation that meaningfully engages children and young people in campaigning to end violence against children http://wvi.org/child-participation/publication/child-led-research-method-participation-meaningfully-engages
  2. Child-led Mobilisation: A participatory approach to engage children and young people in mobilising to end violence against children
  3. Useful tips for ensuring enjoyable and meaningful interaction with children and young people http://wvi.org/child-participation/publication/useful-tips-ensuring-enjoyable-and-meaningful-interaction-children

Alison Sutton Thu 13 Apr 2017 1:03PM

This was from the 3-7 April Pathways to Change workshop - Save the Children and Unicef Innocenti Research Centre. It draws specifically on 4 Country studies on the Drivers of Violence and includes reference to importance of child participation in violence prevention efforts. It includes some Unicef ethical research principles, and a summary of principles on child participation from the Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment, and a check list for measuring this. Alison


Diana Quick Wed 19 Apr 2017 4:30PM

This is a Guidebook On Child Participation in the Philippines developed by the Council for the Welfare of Children, National Committee on Child and Youth Participation, Government of the Philippines. My colleagues at ChildFund International (USA) and Educo (Spain) used it when they worked on the child protection part of the humanitarian assessment of children on the move in Central and Eastern Europe that ChildFund did jointly with Terre des Hommes.