Mon 18 Jul 2022 10:08AM

CoTech Gathering Glasgow Nov 2022

ST Sarah Tucker Public Seen by 89

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is staying safe in this heat!

The media co-op team have been chatting and would love to organise another CoTech Gathering in Glasgow, in November. 

What do you think?

We were thinking 10th - 11th or 17th - 18th Nov 2022? What's the best way to kick off the planning, should we make this a poll?

We've reached out to a few venues in Glasgow city centre to check the costs and accessibility of the buildings.

We also thought we could try to incorporate a visit to some other co-ops in Glasgow since it was so nice to visit the Birmingham ones while we were there.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts. 


John Atherton Mon 18 Jul 2022 10:21AM

If there is can I put in an ask to have a pre (or post) meet for anyone interested in the new Fed www.workers.coop there have been some request for physical meet-ups to discuss particularly in scoland, so would be nice to combine if we can?

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Calum Mackervoy (Code-Operative) Mon 18 Jul 2022 2:22PM

A gathering in Glasgow would be great! When we organised the Newcastle gathering we also started with venue and then dates, I think this makes sense. We identified a cinema co-op as the preferred venue and based our dates around its' availability. Accommodation is probably next highest on the list, we had tried to reach out to local housing co-ops but there weren't any at the time with spare rooms at the time to host us. We used the CoTech forum to organise workshops. We used the Wiki pages from past events to help us with the organising, and it gave us a template to start from, if it helps: https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Newcastle_2019. There was a loomio thread with polls on dates, food, and after the event we were reimbursed for most of the costs from the CoTech fund (https://www.loomio.org/d/joIkhJ0w/newcastle-cotech-gathering). Thanks for organising!


Sarah Tucker Mon 18 Jul 2022 4:18PM

@Calum Mackervoy (Code-Operative) This is massively helpful, thank you so much!

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Poll Created Wed 20 Jul 2022 9:57AM

Dates for Glasgow Gathering 2022 Closed Fri 29 Jul 2022 1:01PM

by Sarah Tucker Thu 11 Aug 2022 8:36AM

Thanks for voting everyone.

Dates for the next Co-Tech meetup are 10th -11th November 2022 in Glasgow. 🎉

Hey everyone! We'd like to host the next CoTech gathering 2022 in Glasgow!

We've found a few good venues but would need a rough idea on numbers before we can choose and book anything. These are the proposed dates!


Results Option % of points Voters
10th -11th November 2022 61.5% 8 M CCC LMH AM CM P C ST
17th - 18th November 2022 38.5% 5 M CCC AM P ST
Undecided 0% 0  

8 of 8 people have voted (100%)


Calum Mackervoy (Code-Operative) Wed 20 Jul 2022 9:59AM

10th -11th November 2022

Voting on behalf of myself, rather than my co-op


PollyRobbinsOutlandish Thu 21 Jul 2022 8:01PM

17th - 18th November 2022
10th -11th November 2022

Either works for me, I'm looking forward to this. Voting for me rather than Outlandish.


eva Thu 11 Aug 2022 11:38AM

HiBoth good for Cybersalon, will go with the most popular choice