Thu 2 Nov 2023 1:37PM

Networking tools for community groups

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Hi All,

I have prepared a short survey to help determine which tools local / community groups use / need and how best we can support inter-group networking and collaboration: https://open.coop/survey/index.php/957514

If you can contribute / share this with any networks you are part of and encourage them to contribute it would be most appreciated - there’s only 10 main questions so it should not take more than a few minutes to fill in :)




Danyl Strype Mon 6 Nov 2023 5:02AM

Is that a LimeSurvey form @Oli SB ? Good stuff.

Survey forms like these are one of the networking tools used by many groups. There's a recent rundown of the some of the Free Code forms platforms here, by a community-hosting service looking for something simpler than LimeSurvey;


Another one that's not mentioned there is FormBricks.


Oli SB Mon 6 Nov 2023 1:11PM

@Danyl Strype Yup - Limesurvey - works fine for me!


Danyl Strype Tue 7 Nov 2023 12:01AM

@Oli SB I'm guessing the complexity Jon mentions is in the hosting, rather than the using ; ) Lightweight has mentioned the same thing in regard to the instance he was hosting for NZOSS.


freescholar Mon 13 Nov 2023 5:20AM

I love the simple form feature in NextCloud even if it is not as robust as Lime. As a member of MayFirst.coop we are doing some workshops to help people skill-up on free and open tools - just did two on NextCloud. We offer a suite of free tools to our members and some tools are public like an instance of Jit.si video chat that we have modified to include a live interpretation feature.

My coop Agaric also has a blog that lists some of the free software we use in daily operations as a tech collective.

You can help us do some testing on a platform Agaric is building to make it easier for large groups to vet and vote on issues.  Sign up on our test server - https://visionsunite.gigalixirapp.com/

In Solidarity,

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