Mon 10 Mar 2014 9:06PM

Adding sort by "Updated"

M morgenstern Public Seen by 102

I write here to suggest to implement a small but very useful feature (at least for me).

I'd really like if stream could be sorted by "last updates". That is just like "activity" stream works now but for all the posts, those i already liked/commented and those i didn't yet.

My though is that if you have many contacts and you don't check diaspora all the few hours, with the "recently posted" current stream many posts get lost at the bottom of the stream. Even if they are very active (commented/liiked).

I'd really like that a post would come on the top of the stream every time it's liked/commented. So you can check not only the last posts but also the most active and interesting.

On diasp0ra.ca some kind of this feature was implemented so i hope it would not be much effort to add it in the main branch.


Juan Santiago Tue 11 Mar 2014 10:48PM

I find very good proposal, but only if implemented optionally for each user.


goob Wed 12 Mar 2014 10:34AM

I'm pretty sure there is an existing Github issue for this, but I can't find it at the moment. It's definitely something which has been discussed before, and I support its implementation as an optional user setting.


Ryuno-Ki Thu 13 Mar 2014 7:22AM

My first thought: Does this work reliable with the federation?
Example: One user is on the way to move from pod A to pod B and adds the same users on the second.

One could expect now, that the "sort by update" will show the same results, but is this reliable (enough)?

What I'm asking for is, how fuzzy shall we allow this to be? Will users be confused when things don't bubble up "in the right way"?


Rasmus Fuhse Thu 13 Mar 2014 9:50AM

Ryuno, both streams will most likely contain different postings because of federation. But when we sort by creation, the same problem occurs.

But the feature of sorting the postings is not dependend on federation at all. It is only a UX feature.

I agree to the feature. In a collaborative network this feature is a must have. But it should be an optional feature.


Flaburgan Thu 13 Mar 2014 1:59PM

Maybe during the port of the stream to bootstrap, we could add some criteria to sort. "most commented", "last updated" ...


goob Thu 13 Mar 2014 4:59PM

When I say optional, I think there can be a toggle button in the stream between 'display by original time of post' and 'display by last activity'.


Jonne Haß Thu 13 Mar 2014 7:06PM

@flaburgan I strongly disagree. This is not merely adding a button somewhere!


Flaburgan Thu 13 Mar 2014 7:10PM

@jonnehass the stream is loading 50 posts each time, so if we keep that, we can't do it client side, that's what you have in mind?


morgenstern Thu 13 Mar 2014 9:14PM

I have no idea on the technical side of this and its feasability. Anyway of course i think it should be an option (either a toggle to add somewhere or another "tab" like "stream" and "activity").


Jonne Haß Fri 14 Mar 2014 9:14AM

@flaburgan doesn't even matter. It's a new feature that requires signficant new logic. I'm not seeing how you "could just add while porting the page to bootstrap". Seriously, stop trying to sneak stuff into other issues.

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