Conversation 1: Learning from Scotland's experience of strategy-led sector development (Gerry Higgins)

RF Rena Frohman Public Seen by 167

Recently Alex Hannant interviewed Gerry Higgins, Executive Director of the Social Enterprise World Forum about his experiences and reflections on developing the social enterprise sector in Scotland (see attached links for recording and notes).
This raised two initial questions (there are many more):
1. In the interview, Gerry mentions successful strategies and practices that contributed to the strengthening of the SE ecosystem in Scotland (coproduction, iteration, ownership of the process, equal partnership with government). How can we (or should we) apply these to our experience in Queensland?
2. Reaching out to marginalised/underrepresented voices is important for ensuring that ownership of whatever strategies we adopt is promoted. What strategies can we as the Navigators adopt to promote greater inclusion of SEs (especially those in rural/remote areas) that may not yet have stood up and had their voices heard?