Sat 29 Feb 2020 1:25AM

How does an interested party apply to be on the Council?

D Dani Public Seen by 41

What is the maximum size we want for the Council? Are there any prequalifications to be established? Specific roles people can apply for? What is the approval process? This thread is to discuss these and any other criteria for this year and beyond.


Jodi Meadows Sun 1 Mar 2020 9:09AM

As per the meeting last night, we were informed that besides the mayor, who is considered staff, we have eight tickets available. These are for our crew, and as I counted up how many I think we have, there are seven:

Assuming Aaron is acting as mayor (staff)

Aaron and I would like to include Lux, who contributes a Free Store clothing exchange, which I would like to expand into a barter marketplace for things we make and have to gift away. (more on this in another thread, as it ties in with the potential alternative currency we could launch through this marketplace)

Dani if you get in on a workshop leader ticket, then that would free up a ticket. Same goes for anyone else on the crew, if there is some other way you can get a ticket, please keep us informed so we know if we have that crew ticket still available. I thought my daughter Ruby was getting in free at age 16 but Alison said it is under 16 that's free. I might be able to finagle a free ticket from her so we would still have one ticket free to add another crew member--especially if I am forgetting someone (please mention this if I have!)

They are adjusting the roles somewhat to distinguish between volunteers (who they were half-jokingly referring to as Golems) and crew members. The latter being experienced and specialized assistants who can take the lead on specific roles and don't need much direction. Crew members don't have to pay the $10 that volunteers do, and they said there would be some other perks (I will request that we can maybe use the showers at least once!) Volunteers are people assigned to the village by T.C. if they have applied and asked to help out in Ecotopia. So to me it seems sensible to assume our council is the above people who will be receiving tickets and heading some specific tasks or specialties.

I was going to start another thread about roles to ask that each of us introduce ourselves with our desired and intended contributions. Maybe that could happen here instead. What does everyone think?


Dani Sun 1 Mar 2020 6:23PM

Please do start another thread for introductions and role definitions.. this one is geared toward who is considered 'Council'.. your feedback on the tickets is interesting though.

How awesome that it's 8 now - used to be just 2! I think establishing those 'crew' tickets for the Council helps to set a nice size constraint. Then if for example I get a Presenter ticket I can give my Council ticket back to the Council pool for allocation to another valued crew contributor to be agreed on by the Council.